Outdoor Vitals Introduces Vario Jacket

Outdoor Vitals offers unique gear and apparel for active adventures.

Their new Vario Jacket is their three-season outer layer built for active performance and warm versatility on all your adventures in the outdoors.

It employs fabrics and insulation that flex and move with you, insulate even when wet, and keep you incredibly warm while weighing only a few ounces.

This jacket was designed to be lighter while maintaining high thermal value and body-mapped breathability by utilizing revolutionary 3DeFX Insulation.

Toray sources and manufactures 100% of the brand’s materials, which ensures there are no impurities in the recycled insulation fibers.

The Vario Jacket is designed with body-mapped breathability, giving you insulation where you need it, and perforated vents where your body naturally produces more heat.

This breathability will help prevent overheating and will keep you comfortable whether you’re active in colder weather or just sitting at camp.

Here’s a video to preview the jacket:

Available for both men and women, the Vario Jacket can be purchased on Outdoor Vital’s website starting October 17.

Images courtesy of Outdoor Vitals

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