Outdoor Vitals’ Nebo Windbreaker Redefines Breathability and Versatility

Outdoor Vitals continues to redefine the outdoor sportswear category with its latest innovation, the Nebo Windbreaker.

The Nebo Windbreak is a revolutionary 4-ounce jacket that redefines the category by providing greater breathability and versatility than competing products.

This innovative windbreaker, which was given its name after a rugged peak where it was tested, is very adaptable and can be worn all year as a crucial component of several layering schemes.

Innovative construction enables ideal airflow, preventing moisture from accumulating within the jacket and keeping travelers dry and comfortable.

Tayson Whittaker, founder of Outdoor Vitals, said that when designing the Nebo, the company set out to make something that they could not find on the market, a wind layer that strikes a balance between breathability and protection.

“We tested a variety of fabrics and designs to create this unique offering that allows for perspiration to escape while eliminating wind chill. The result is the most versatile jacket we have ever produced,” he said.

Users may easily engage in any outdoor activity with the help of this ultralight piece, which has a single-layer 20D fabric with a soft texture that minimizes the clammy feeling that many wind layers produce.

Running or hiking enthusiasts will love the Nebo’s featherweight construction and great breathability and it is also a perfect piece to put over a baselayer to soften the blow of a chilly morning.

A DWR coating aids in moisture evaporation, and the fitting hood offers extra protection as a storm approaches.

The $124.97 Nebo Windbreaker is an amazing companion for your next adventure. To learn more about this product, visit www.outdoorvitals.com.

Images courtesy of Outdoor Vitals

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  1. The style can use for the beautiful and bad day, for both rainny and sunny day.

  2. The Nebo Windbreaker is equipped with practical features to enhance your outdoor experience. From multiple pockets for convenient storage to a full-length front zipper for easy on and off, every detail is carefully considered to meet your needs. Thanks

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