PAKA Launches Groundbreaking Alpaca Wool-Insulated Jackets for Ultimate Warmth

In a groundbreaking move, PAKA has introduced two cutting-edge alpaca wool-insulated puffer jackets, revolutionizing cold-weather apparel.

The PAKAFILL Apu Parka and Apu Lightweight Puffer showcase PAKA’s patent-pending alpaca insulation, PAKAFILL, surpassing 90% of synthetic insulations for warmth.

Boasting natural antibacterial and odor-resistant properties, PAKAFILL keeps you warm even when wet, providing an eco-friendly alternative.

The Apu Parka, available in both Women’s and Men’s styles, is a cold-weather marvel with a rainproof stretch shell, zip vents, and a helmet-compatible hood—perfect for temperatures as low as -20 degrees F.


Meanwhile, the Apu Lightweight Puffer, designed for travel and layering, features a 70gsm PAKAFILL, ensuring warmth without sacrificing flexibility.

Both jackets prioritize sustainability, using alpaca fibers and a keratin protein that naturally combat odors.

PAKA‘s commitment to warmth, style, and ethical practices makes these jackets essential for winter adventurers seeking comfort and eco-conscious choices.

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