PAKA Launches Ski Socks and Thermal Base Layers for Enhanced Winter Comfort

PAKA, renowned for its commitment to quality and sustainability, has unveiled its latest offerings aimed at elevating the outdoor experience for winter sports enthusiasts.

The new line includes the Sebastian Ski Sock and Thermal Baselayer Crew & Thermal Bottoms, designed to provide unmatched comfort and performance on the slopes.

The Sebastian Ski Sock boasts a blend of premium materials, including 30% baby alpaca fiber, renowned for its softness and breathability.

With features such as compression around the calf and cushioning across key areas, these socks ensure optimal comfort and performance throughout the day.

Meanwhile, the Thermal Baselayer Crew & Bottoms utilize 100% natural fibers, with an impressive 85% royal alpaca fiber content for unparalleled softness and warmth.

Additionally, the rib knit design and odor-resistant properties make them ideal for extended wear in cold conditions.

With PAKA’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, winter sports enthusiasts can now gear up with confidence for their next adventure on the slopes.

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