PEARL iZUMi’s Pedal To Zero Campaign On Track

Sports apparel brand PEARL iZUMi is proud to announce that its ‘Pedal to Zero’ campaign is on track, with 98% of its apparel made from sustainable materials by 2024.

Part of this campaign is the newly launched BikeStyle Spring 22 Collection, which is designed to create a seamless transition between the bike and everyday life.

Available for both men and women, every garment will include the number of miles necessary to ride, instead of driving a car, to zero out its carbon footprint.

One favorite style from the collection is Women’s Rove Short which is designed to accompany you in your daily activities.

The climate impact of this clothing, which has an easy-going and comfortable four-way stretch, is offset by traveling 20 miles by bicycle.

If you ride your bike for 27 miles while wearing the Men’s Prospect 2/1 Short with Liner, you may lower the environmental effect of the outfit.

The Women’s Go-To Graphic Tank, made from 40% recycled polyester, is ideal for cycling while reducing its climate impact if you travel 12 miles by bike.

Visit PEARL iZUMi’s website to learn more about the Pedal to Zero initiative and the other items from the BikeStyle Spring 22 collection.

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