prAna Supports HBO Max’s THE CLIMB

Talk about a perfect fit! Leading outdoor apparel brand prAna has announced that it is the prizing sponsor of the HBO Max Original Series THE CLIMB, which premiered on January 12.

The series is created by Jason Momoa through his production company On the Roam, along with legendary rock climber and prAna adventurer Chris Sharma, and The Intellectual Property Corporation (IPC).

Sharma and fellow prAna climbing adventurer Meagan Martin co-host the series.

Monica Mirro, president of prAna, said that prAna, which was founded 30 years ago in Carlsbad, California,  set out to bring street-style cool and conscious thinking to the function-first clothing that dominated the climbing world.

She said they continue to build on that legacy today and are thrilled to shine light on the sport while supporting emerging climbers in THE CLIMB.

THE CLIMB is a visually striking and profoundly transformative journey that exemplifies the roots of rock climbing and the discovery of the human spirit.

With the goal of crowning the world’s finest amateur climber with a prAna-sponsored climbing ambassadorship and a $100,000 cash prize, amateur climbers are put through a demanding series of physical and mental tasks in an all-encompassing competition.

Watch the first three episodes of THE CLIMB, which debuted on January 12, 2023, on HBO Max.

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