Product Deep Dive: Cold Case Gear Clearwater Case

Phones have become a staple in outdoor adventures. Whether you’re looking at trail directions, snapping off photos or sneaking in a little work while you play, it’s pretty much a given these days that our phones come along. Because we rely on our phones for so many things, it’s important to keep em’ protected, and that’s where Cold Case Gear comes in!

Cold Case Gear Clearwater Case

The Clearwater Case is excellent for stand up paddle boarding. Or sit down paddle boarding if that’s more your speed!

Cold Case Gear is a small company set on solving real problems in the outdoors and they’ve just released the Clearwater Case. A phone case that solves the problem of keeping your phone safe whether you’re paddling, cycling, or hiking. Or any other outdoor pursuit, really.

Cold Case Gear’s Clearwater Case is a completely waterproof phone case that’s transparent and hermetically sealed. This means you can use all functions of your phone while it’s protected from many of the things adventure throws your way- things like water, sand, and dirt!

The Clearwater Case’s hermetic seal means nothin’ is getting into the case once it’s sealed up!

The Clearwater Case is a no-frills solution to keeping your phone safe on adventures, and it will likely become a staple of your outdoor kit!

See the Cold Case Gear Clearwater Case

Cold Case Gear Clearwater Case Specifications

Feature Type Feature Specs What This Means
Weight 3.20 oz with lanyard attached Very lightweight
Dimensions External: 5.83 inches x 7.99 inches
Internal: 4.33 inches x 7.09 inches
Compact product; little wasted space
Material Capacitive Touch TPU You can use your phone’s touchscreen through the case- no problem
Closure Hermetically sealing magnets 100% waterproof and airtight
Pockets 1 It is one pocket/one opening
Lanyard Yes Comes with a lanyard
Phone Compatibility Almost all phones will fit even with a hard case on It very likely will fit your phone
Insulation No Not insulated
Submersible Up to 100-feet You can scuba dive or snorkel with it
Elements Protection Yes: hermetic seal Dirt/sand/water/sap proof
Phone Access 100% All phone features (text, photo/video, calls, etc) work through this case
Color Clear You can use your phone as the case is transparent
Warranty Lifetime warranty Cold Case Gear stands by their product
Retail Price $29.99 Super affordable for such a burly product

Drop your phone into mud or water on a hike? No worries when your phone is in a Clearwater Case!

See the Cold Case Gear Clearwater Case

Unique Features of Cold Case Gear’s Clearwater Case

You may think for being such a simple product that Cold Case Gear’s Clearwater Case might lack features. But that is where the Clearwater Case is a breath of fresh air! Utilizing premium technologies and thoughtful design, the Clearwater Case is a stand-out in the phone protection scene.

Magnetic Closure

Just open the case, pop your phone in, and let go! Because of the folding double magnet design, when you let go, the opening will click together and immediately create a waterproof and airtight seal. This is a great feature if you are on the move or have limited mobility. Ease of sealing up your phone is breezy with the Clearwater Case!

These magnets are strong! The moment you let go, the Clearwater Case seals itself up!

Submersible to 100 Feet

Yep, that’s right! The Clearwater Case boasts waterproof goodness down to 100 feet. This is due in part to the magnetic closure, but the burly TPU Cold Case Gear used to make this holds up to a good amount of pressure at that depth.

Fully submersible and crystal clear means you can get cool underwater shots!

Handy Dandy Lanyard

Each Clearwater Case comes with a basic-but-useful lanyard. This is a great little feature to keep your phone nearby. You can wear it necklace style or attach it to a boat.

The lanyard is especially great when you need your hands to be silly!

If you remove the lanyard, you are left with two nice attachment points for carabiners or straps. Alternatively, you can use the case without any attachments. Some activities don’t require a phone! Without attachments, the Clearwater Case makes a great place to stash camera batteries and memory cards in your backpack.

I like to remove the lanyard and use the Clearwater Case for my GoPro batteries and memory cards for bike rides.

How the Clearwater Case Compares to Other Waterproof Phone Cases

There are a ton of phone cases on the market claiming to be waterproof, and they all end up leaking or coming unzipped. Where Cold Case Gear’s Clearwater Case outperforms them all is in its utterly astounding submersible waterproofing.

The patented folding magnetic closure and hermetic seal means that once it’s closed up, this case does not leak. And because of this design, there really isn’t much that can go wrong there. Simply put, the Clearwater Case outperforms its competitors by using a simple and very streamlined design.

Magnetic bar 2 folds down and locks with bar 1.

The Clearwater Case is also a standout in the waterproof phone case market because the case is perfectly clear and washable. So you can always expect good photo and video quality when you’re capturing your adventures through a Clearwater Case.

See the Cold Case Gear Clearwater Case

Who is Cold Case Gear?

Cold Case Gear is a cottage gear company based in Marana, Arizona. It’s set on creating practical and thoughtful products that solve real problems in the outdoors. This company got its start a handful of years ago with a very successful Kickstarter for its original product, the Cold Case.

See the Clearwater Case, and learn more about Cold Case Gear.

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