Product Deep Dive: FORLOH Allclima Soft Shell Jacket

The FORLOH Allclima Soft Shell Jacket is going to impress you with its superb comfort and performance. This is a soft shell by name only because it is actually incredibly hardy — it’s tough-as-nails durable, plus it’s completely wind and waterproof with fully taped seams.

It is one truly capable outer layer. With plenty of pockets, large gauge zippers, and a RECCO reflector, the FORLOH Allclima Soft Shell Jacket is built for tough times in the wild. That said, the supple and soft feel of the garment is a welcome change to most other waterproof jackets.

The forloh allclima soft shell jacket retails for $450

Meet the FORLOH Allclima Soft Shell Jacket.

FORLOH put a lot of time and energy into the design of this all-season jacket, and it is apparent from the moment you put it on. Wander outdoors in any inclement weather, and you’ll be stoked to have it wrapped around your shoulders. Whether you’re backpacking, climbing, paddling, or hiking, the FORLOH Allclima Soft Shell Jacket is going to serve you well.

See the men's FORLOH Allclima Soft Shell Jacket

See the women's FORLOH Allclima Soft Shell Jacket

FORLOH Allclima Soft Shell Jacket Specifications

Feature Type Feature Specs What This Means
Weight 29 ounces A jacket with some substance. This isn’t a featherlight hardshell—you can feel the weight on you. It feels like a fortress. But it’s not excessively heavy.
Type Soft Shell Jacket This piece defies convention. Where soft shell jackets typically falter, this excels.
Material DWR, Woven, Pet/Spandex 86/14, Bonded interior micro fleece backer. Midweight, 240g/m2 Soft, stretchy, comfortable, and durable.
Zippers 3 Large center zipper, check pocket, sleeve pocket.
Pockets 4 Plenty of room for essentials.
Pocket Placement Side pockets Sleeve, chest, hand warmer.
Cuff Zippered cuff Plays nice with your other layers and gloves.
Country Of Manufacture USA Made in America
Fit True to size This garment fits true to size with just enough room to accommodate extra layers underneath.
Breathability .1CFM An astoundingly breathable garment that keeps you comfortable when pushing hard.
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime Warranty This warranty protects against manufacturing defects for the life of the garment.
Retail Price $449 Priced to compete in the premium league of its category.

See the men's FORLOH Allclima Soft Shell Jacket

See the women's FORLOH Allclima Soft Shell Jacket

forloh allclima softshell jacket in snow

Happy and warm hiking through the snow in the Forloh Allclima Soft Shell Jacket.

Unique Features of FORLOH Allclima Soft Shell Jacket

Say it with me — Airadigm Waterproof/Breathable Technology. This is the special sauce that makes this jacket both impenetrable and comfortable. There is no need to talk hydrostatic head, air permeability numbers, or any of that other tech jargon — you can read all about it on the product page if you want. What you need to know is that FORLOH makes their waterproof-breathable garments differently, and it really, really works. This is one of the more comfortable, truly waterproof soft shell jackets that you will ever wear.

Forloh allclima soft shell

The inside of this jacket is not like other shell jackets. It has a brushed fleece feel that is soft to the touch.

One of the standout features of this garment is just how soft and silent it is when compared with hard shell jackets. While wearing it, the fabric is whisper quiet.

Are you used to wearing a crinkly bag ‘o chips? That’s not the case here. The supple fabric also layers quite well. Normally, a shell layer like this doesn’t feature much of anything on the inside save for a fabric-backed Gore-Tex membrane. But the Allclima is different — the lining is finished beautifully with a super soft fabric that does not hinder your layering ability. Whether you’re shrugging this on over a merino wool or a slippery tech fabric mid-layer, it’ll slide on and fit like a glove.

Thoughtful Touches for Durability and Safety

You’ll find reinforced elbow pads on this jacket, ensuring that your high-wear areas will remain protected. This is something that you’ll find absent on nearly every single other soft shell out there.

Forloh elbow padding

The reinforced elbow pads are a welcome addition.

The embedded RECCO device is a delight to see as it really increases your safety factor. RECCO reflectors are passive transponders that respond to rescue equipment. You’ll find them on ski jackets and pants, most often. In the event a rescue is needed, the RECCO transponder will make you highly visible to rescuers.

How the FORLOH AllClima Soft Shell Jacket Compares to other Shell Jackets

The FORLOH AllClima Soft Shell Jacket is a unique piece of equipment that can be compared to both hard shells and soft shells. This shell layer combines the best of both worlds; complete waterproof protection like a hard shell and the breathability and comfort of a soft shell.

FORLOH Allclima Soft Shell Jacket VS Arcteryx Beta AR

The comparison that is most appropriate with this jacket is to an actual hard shell. The FORLOH Allclima Soft Shell Jacket is so much more than a traditional soft shell. When you think of a soft shell jacket, you think windproof and water resistant, not waterproof. Not so with FORLOH. Comparing the FORLOH Allclima Soft Shell Jacket to the Arcteryx Beta AR is a serious apples-to-apples comparison, so let’s get into it.

The Arcteryx Beta AR has been lauded through the years as being a quintessential piece of equipment for serious adventurers. The three-layer Gore-Tex garment is built to handle everything and do so for years and years. You get your helmet-compatible hood, interior stuff pockets, YKK Aquaguard Zippers, hem and hood closures, and a lightweight form factor. FORLOH offers you nearly the same but in a package that is quiet and can be worn around town without looking like you’re about to start yelling “on-belay.” The FORLOH Allclima Soft Shell Jacket is noticeably quieter than the Arcteryx Beta AR, and less expensive, too. You’ll have to keep telling your hiking partner you’re still actually behind them—they won’t hear you. If you’re looking for a shell jacket that is quiet, comfortable, and Made In The USA, your search ends here.

FORLOH Allclima Soft Shell Jacket VS The North Face Apex Bionic Hoodie

The North Face has been consistently churning out high-quality, affordable outdoor gear for the masses, and the Apex Bionic Hoodie is one of their more popular soft shell offerings. The windproof fabric is finished with a DWR coating which helps to shed moisture. There are some thoughtful touches like a secure-zip chest pocket and a hem cinch cord to keep the wind from finding a way underneath your coat. The Apex Bionic Hoodie is missing a few features compared to the FORLOH Allclima Soft Shell jacket, including a three-panel hood and wrist closures. And, of course, the wet weather performance doesn’t come close to matching the FORLOH garment. The quality levels are vastly different, and the FORLOH Allclima far surpasses The North Face’s Apex Bionic Hoodie.

FORLOH Allclima Soft Shell Jacket VS Outdoor Research Ferrosi

The Outdoor Research Ferrosi has earned a reputation for being a versatile soft shell layer for all types of outdoor activities. You can take it to the crag, cycling, hiking, or simply wear it on breezy days in town. The star of the show is the incredible Ferrosi fabric, of which Outdoor Research has an entire line of clothing. This soft and stretchy material combines incredible durability, abrasion resistance, and breathability. However, it sacrifices weather resistance. This soft shell excels in all areas except for wind and water resistance. The FORLOH AllClima Soft Shell matches all the great attributes of the Outdoor Research Ferrosi and adds complete weather protection. Enjoy all the benefits of incredible breathability and abrasion resistance while also getting a completely weatherproof shell.

See the men's FORLOH Allclima Soft Shell Jacket

See the women's FORLOH Allclima Soft Shell Jacket

Who is FORLOH?

FORLOH is a Montana-based brand that has been creating exceptional USA Made Gear for all manner of outdoors folk. The brand is 100% committed to making garments in the USA, from thread to full garment. With a laser focus on the end-user experience, it’s no wonder FORLOH has been quickly racking up accolades.

Forloh jacket sleeve pocket

This sleeve pocket is the perfect size for a Garmin InReach Mini

See the FORLOH AllClima Soft Shell Jacket, and learn more about FORLOH.

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