Meet the Membrane Solutions Gravity Water Filter and Straw

Have you been dreaming about a water filter that can do it all? The Membrane Solutions Gravity Water Filter and Straw is a dual-use water filtration system. It can serve as a standalone straw filter for drinking straight from the source on lightweight backpacking trips, or you can connect it to the supplied 6-liter reservoir for bulk filtration in groups or at camp. It’s great to have this type of versatility.

This water filter system consists of a large bladder that you can strap onto a tree, car, or anything else. The bladder connects to a filter and allows for gravity to assist in moving water quickly through that filter and into a clean vessel of your choice. You can screw on bottles of the appropriate diameter or just allow the filter to drain into a secondary bladder.

Membrane Solutions

Meet the Membrane Solutions Gravity Water Filter.

The bladder itself is constructed well and doesn’t reek of plastic, which is a welcome surprise — this can be an issue with some new water filtration systems and bladders, but not here. The filter straw beats out much of the competition by offering a 0.1-micron pore size. What does that mean? The smaller pore size ensures that all bacteria are filtered out effectively.

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Unique Features of Membrane Solutions Gravity Filter

High capacity and high flow rate at an affordable price are what really sets this Membrane Solutions Gravity Water Filter apart. For group camping or especially thirsty backpackers, the 6-liter capacity carries plenty of water for a day. You can stay hydrated, cook and clean, and take care of all your hygiene business without needing to refill.

Clean and pure, straight from the source.

The bladder itself feels extremely sturdy and should stand up to any abuse you can throw at it. For backpackers on long-distance expeditions, this durability is extremely important as you don’t want your hydration system to spring a leak when your days from town.

Membrane SOlutions Bladder

One tough bladder!

This Gravity Filter Pulls Double Duty

The versatility of the Membrane Solutions Gravity Water Filter and Straw is remarkable. Having a single filter that can transform based on your needs is fantastic. Ultimately, this filter system will save you money and room in your gear closet thanks to its adaptable design.

Membrane Solutions Straw

A versatile water filtration system.

The Membrane Solutions Gravity Filter and Straw falls squarely in the camping or backpacking categories. It’s equally at home out on backcountry trails as it is car camping with the family.

Camp Membrane SOlutions

Let gravity do the work.

Backpackers especially will enjoy the utility of this filter as it allows you to use just the straw alone for your personal hydration needs — simply insert the filter end into a body of water and drink through the straw end. There’s nothing better than some fresh and clean water from an alpine brook or stream.

Membrane Solutions filter

Don’t you want to try a sip of that alpine water?

The Portable Purifier Straw Solves Your Personal Water Filtration Needs

Much like the gravity filter, the Membrane Solutions Purifier Straw filters water down to a small 0.1-micro size, cleaning sediment, bacteria, viruses, and more from your drinking water.

The Purifier Straw weighs a mere 2 ounces, making it an excellent choice for lightweight backpacking trips and day hikes. Its five-stage filtration system consists of a filter screen, dual layers of cotton fiber, an activated carbon coconut shell layer, and a hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane. You can filter up to 5000 liters of drinking water per straw.

Connect the Purifier Straw to any gravity filter bag.

Plus, the Purifier Straw can be connected both to plastic bottles and all gravity filter bags on the market, including the ones made by Membrane Solutions. It’s a versatile filter that hikers, mountain bikers, kayakers, and all sorts of outdoor explorers can make use of. The water filtered through the straw tastes as good as pure spring water.

See the Membrane Solutions Gravity Water Filter and Straw at SimPure

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See the Membrane Solutions Purifier Straw at Amazon

Who is Membrane Solutions?

Founded in 2006, Membrane Solutions is committed to providing products for both air filtration and water filtration. While they may not yet be a household name like the Sawyer and MSR, the company’s products definitely are up to the task. Membrane Solutions’ mission is to bring purity and health to individuals, families, nature, and the Earth. The company’s products pass stringent regulations, so you can rest assured you are getting the cleanest water you can get.

Membrane Solutions

This is Membrane Solutions.

See the Membrane Solutions Gravity Filter and Straw, and learn more about Membrane Solutions.

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