QuietKat Revolutionizes E-Bike Industry With VPO Technology

In the e-bike industry, there have been a few “revolutionary” features introduced over time. However, the new Variable Power Output (VPO) technology by QuietKat is truly unique.

With this groundbreaking feature, riders can now adjust power output parameters in an effort to better meet state regulations and accommodate for varying riding speeds both up and downhill.

Introducing VPO Technology for E-bikes

With the help of this new technology, formerly off-limits routes and locations are now accessible, allowing riders to comfortably explore a wide variety of terrain while abiding by local regulations.

This means you can quickly and easily change your e-bike’s settings between class 1, class 2, or class 3 to stay legally compliant with the local bike and BLM policies.

With VPO technology, a rider may rapidly switch between classes 1-3 to adhere to public land regulations and put his e-bike to “unlimited” mode to acquire the greatest power and speed required on private land.

A cyclist may set the bike to class 1 along the bike path adjacent to the river, switch to class 3 on the restricted dirt road, and then to unrestricted when she reaches BLM territory, all while remaining in compliance with the law.

Meanwhile, a mountain biker can leave the house in class two in his class 2-restricted town but change to unlimited when he gets to his unrestricted trailhead.

A family going camping can start at the trailhead and switch between classes as they go through several categories of publicly regulated lands.

The VPO technology will be available on all mid-drive motor options, including the APEX PRO, APEX SPORT, JEEP, and IBEX.

Images courtesy of QuietKat

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