Rad Power Bikes: Customizable and Accessible E-Bikes for All

E-bikes are a growing phenomenon. They’re popular among biking commuters and trail-seekers alike! Though many brands are vying for your attention, some electric bike companies are rising to the top for their quality builds, exceptional customization, and eclectic lineup of e-bikes. Rad Power Bikes is one of those companies.

With over half a million Rad Power Bike riders across the world and a passionate fan base, this company is raising the bar for what electric bikes can do to give you the best experience as a rider. They’ve even trademarked the RadGrin — the smile of a new Rad Power Bike rider on their first ride.

rad power bikes radgrin

The RadGrin is strong.

Whether you’re looking to road ride, commute, mountain bike, or travel, Rad Power Bikes has the perfect electric bicycle for everyone, just as founder Mike Radenbaugh envisioned when he began the company as a teen in his garage.

Rad Power Bikes + Customization

Full customization is a pretty unique thing in the world of electric bikes, and it’s where Rad Power Bikes outpaces the competition.

If you’re looking to customize your e-bike, Rad Power Bikes makes the process a breeze! Choose from several “kits” or one of the base models, then choose if you prefer a step-through or high-step frame. From there, you choose colors and accessories, of which there are many!

If you prefer to keep your shopping simple, rest easy knowing you can also purchase any standard Rad Power Bike from the shop tab on their website. Easy-peasy!

How Rad Power Bikes Stands Out

Rad Power Bikes stands out among other e-bike companies because of its commitment to being an innovator in the e-bike scene.

rad power bikes radrover 6

Building out a custom e-bike is easy. RPB provides great visuals for the process, so you can see exactly what you’re building out.

From the company’s beginning, they have proved to be exceptionally thoughtful where design and innovation are concerned. And that thoughtfulness and innovation spill into all aspects of the company.

From their convenient Rad Service (which includes service centers, mobile service providers, and local bike shop partners) to their energy-efficient batteries, Rad Power Bikes aims to give consumers the best experience possible through useful and user-friendly innovation.

Get To Know The E-Bikes

The e-bike that started it all, RadRover, continues to be one of Rad Power Bike’s key products.

This versatile e-bike is suitable for basically everyone who enjoys a bike ride. The RadRover is a gold standard in the industry and is currently in its 6th generation.

rad power bikes radrover 6 plus

The do-it-all RadRover 6 Plus.

Currently, you can save $700 on the RadRover 6 build, and that is cause for celebration!

Another exciting build Rad Power Bikes offers is their RadTrike. Built for cruising and stability, this is one of the few top-quality e-trikes on the market.

The RadTrike is a shining example of the company’s innovation and an important part of the company’s e-bike line-up. This option enhances e-bike accessibility, offering those who cannot easily ride a two-wheeled bike the power and fun of an e-bike.

rad power bikes radtrike

The RadTrike is for everyone.

Learn more about Rad Power Bikes and explore the company’s entire lineup of e-bikes today.

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