REI Co-op 2024 Editors' Choice Awards: Top Outdoor Gear

REI Co-op, a trusted source for outdoor gear since 1938, has launched the REI Co-op Editors’ Choice Awards.

This program honors exceptional equipment and apparel based on rigorous testing, sustainability practices, and customer feedback.

Rigorous Testing for Peak Performance

REI’s team of experienced employees and dedicated members put products through their paces in real-world conditions.

This ensures the award winners live up to the demands of the outdoors. Whether you’re a seasoned climber scaling granite walls or a casual hiker exploring local trails, these products are built to perform.

Happy camping ejoying a hot drink, sat cozy in their sleeping bag.

Beyond Performance: Sustainability Matters

REI understands that enjoying nature goes hand-in-hand with protecting it.

The Editors’ Choice Awards consider a product’s environmental impact during the selection process.

So, you can feel good about your gear choices while minimizing your footprint.

Customer Feedback: Your Voice Matters

REI values the experiences of its members and customers.

Feedback plays a crucial role in the Editors’ Choice Awards.

When you see the award designation, you know it’s backed by the real-world experiences of outdoor enthusiasts just like you.

Award-Winning Products You Can Trust

The REI Co-op Editors’ Choice Awards encompass a variety of top-notch gear, from performance apparel to essential camping tools.

Here are this year’s selections:

Salomon Elixir Mid GORE-TEX Hiking Boots

These boots offer stability, durability, and comfort, making them perfect for conquering any trail, whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or a weekend adventurer.


Salomon Elixir Mid GORE-TEX Hiking Boots

Black Diamond Astro 300-R Headlamp

This headlamp boasts long battery life, a powerful beam, and a comfortable fit, ideal for campers, backpackers, and ultrarunners who need reliable illumination on nighttime adventures.


ck Diamond Astro 300-R Headlamp

ASICS Novablast 4 Road-Running Shoes

Distance runners will love the Novablast 4’s exceptional cushioning, responsiveness, and stability for conquering long runs. Imagine logging serious miles in comfort while these shoes propel you forward.

ASICS Novablast 4 Road-Running Shoes

Find Your Perfect Gear Today

With their expert guidance and this new recognition program, you’re sure to find the perfect gear for your next outdoor adventure.

Explore the REI Co-op Editors’ Choice Awards online or visit your local REI store.

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