Win an REI Co-op Airstream Basecamp 16 Travel Trailer!

Reaching for a new frontier?

REI Co-op and Airstream have collaborated to design a Special Edition built on the Airstream Basecamp model, introducing a wide range of sustainability attributes to the travel trailer.

The REI Special Edition Basecamp 16 Travel Trailer is designed to keep enthusiasts off the grid longer for road trips to new outdoor destinations and overnight stays.

Bob Wheeler, Airstream president and CEO, said that through partnering with REI, Airstream is proud to offer a model that includes recycled materials, as well as features to help customers camp longer by conserving precious resources such as water.

Known for its iconic silver bullet travel trailers, Airstream chose the Basecamp 16 as the foundation for the special edition model with a keen focus on materials, aerodynamics, towability, and intentional features to enhance sustainability attributes.

The REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp Travel Trailer features more environmentally friendly design choices to reduce impact.

The 16-foot travel trailer has a spacious interior with a convertible dinette and lounge that transitions to a 76-inch x 76-inch bed space that can comfortably sleep two adults.

The design is complete with exposed birch-ply cabinetry, durable stain-resistant upholstery, and rugged raised coin flooring that provides a textured, slip-resistant surface.

REI Co-op members can have the chance to win the REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp.

Simply enter the REI Co-op + Airstream Special Edition Summer Sweepstakes for a chance to win a trailer made in camping heaven.

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Leonard Pineda

Leonard loves traveling and experiencing new places and people. He enjoys going on walks and communing with nature. Leonard is also passionate about education and what it can do to conserve the environment.

9 responses to “Win an REI Co-op Airstream Basecamp 16 Travel Trailer!

  1. I should be so lucky. Man, if I had that, I could give my old tent to someone else. And camp in Style.

  2. This tartlet would be sweet for a good night sleep before hitting the mountain for a back pack trip.

  3. Gorgeous little trailer!

  4. How tho would it allow me to take my. mother, who had a stroke, and all she wants is to see some national parks she hasn’t been to as her last wishes.

  5. Alan Elmontsays:

    Perfect for my Scout Troop!

  6. I love traveling going to places that I’ve always wanted to go to I never could meeting new people, seeing new things, and how this country is so beautiful since I’ve gotten a little older I don’t get to do itBut I would like to get back to doing that.

  7. Christopher Loomissays:

    My wife would finally go camping with me!

  8. Mike Scottosays:

    I have been wanting to spend more quality time with my son and daughters and get back into camping and traveling to new places. How exciting would it be to do it in a camper would be life changing!

  9. MARY GRIFFINsays:

    As we get close to retirement – a camper would be the best thing for us to just be able to get up and go enjoy the great outdoorS1

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