REI Co-op Launches Groundbreaking Active Pursuits Adults Apparel Collection

REI Co-op has introduced its latest innovation in inclusive outdoor apparel with the launch of the Active Pursuits Adults Apparel line.

This marks a significant step towards greater diversity and accessibility in the outdoor industry.

Introducing REI Co-op Active Pursuits Adults Apparel

The new collection, part of Co-op brands, represents a departure from traditional gendered clothing, offering a range of options designed to fit a diverse array of bodies and preferences.

Embracing the mantra “If it fits you, it’s for you,” the line features six key pieces including tees, pullovers, shorts, joggers, and tights.

Notably, the Active Pursuits line boasts the most extensive size range within the REI Co-op Brand, spanning from XXS to 3XL.

The design team prioritized versatility and inclusivity, incorporating stretch materials and customizable features to ensure a comfortable fit for all wearers.

In addition to its focus on fit, the collection showcases a vibrant color palette aimed at empowering individuals to express themselves authentically in outdoor settings.

Crafted from moisture-wicking, Bluesign-approved materials, the garments blend performance with style, catering to both active pursuits and everyday wear.

Ditch the binary, embrace adventure: Explore REI Co-op’s gender-inclusive apparel that breaks boundaries, not your spirit!

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