REI Co-Op Offers Top-Rated Park Passes for Your Next Adventure

Hitting the trails this summer?

REI Co-op has you covered with a variety of park passes to unlock some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Explore Washington State Parks with the Discover Pass

For Washington adventurers, the Discover Pass is a must-have. The annual pass ($31.99) or the daily pass ($9.99) would grant access to millions of acres of recreational land and facilities for two motor vehicles.

Explore over 100 state parks, nearly 700 boat launches, and countless trails and campgrounds – all with a single pass.

National Forest Adventures Await with the Northwest Forest Pass

Planning a trip to Washington or Oregon’s national forests? Look no further than the Northwest Forest Pass.

Available for annual use at $29.99 or as a day pass for $4.99, this pass grants access to day-use and amenity recreation sites managed by the Forest Service.

Explore iconic forests like Mount Hood, Mount Baker-Snoqualmie, and the Columbia River Gorge with ease.

Unlock a Year of Federal Recreation with the America the Beautiful Pass

Looking for a nationwide pass that opens doors to endless exploration? The America the Beautiful Pass is your ticket.

For $79.99, this annual pass grants entrance and day-use access to thousands of federal recreation sites across the country, including national parks, forests, wildlife refuges, and more.

Explore Southern California’s National Forests

The Southern California Annual Forest Adventure Pass provides single-car access to four stunning national forests – Angeles, Cleveland, Los Padres, and San Bernardino – for just $29.99 (annual) or $4.99 (daily).

Hit the trails, enjoy scenic drives, and experience the diverse beauty of Southern California’s forests.

Plan Your Next Adventure Today

REI Co-op offers a variety of park passes to match your outdoor ambitions.

Visit your local REI or browse their selection online to find the perfect pass for your next adventure. Let’s get exploring!

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