REI Co-op Redesigns Sleeping Bags for Inclusivity

REI Co-op, a leading outdoor retailer, has made a groundbreaking move towards inclusivity by redesigning its popular Magma down and Zephyr synthetic backpacking sleeping bag models.

In a bid to move beyond gender-specific designations, the revamped sleeping bags cater to a wider range of body shapes.

New Backpacking Sleeping Bag Models

The new designs, available in nine different sizes on, are a result of extensive research and collaboration with external fit expert organizations.

Over 150,000 body scans were utilized in the redesign process, ensuring the bags accommodate various body shapes and types of sleepers.

The sizes now offered include short narrow, short, short wide, medium narrow, medium, medium wide, long narrow, long, and long wide.

This initiative is part of REI’s commitment to fostering inclusivity in outdoor gear.

REI plans to introduce more semi-fitted and relaxed sleeping bag styles in the future based on further research.

While both the Magma and Zephyr sleeping bags are available online and in REI stores, not all sizes are stocked in every outlet.

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