REI Co-op’s Trailmade Collection Welcomes New Hikers and Backpackers

REI Co-op is dedicated to making outdoor recreation more accessible. That’s why the retailer of top-quality brands has introduced its new Trailmade collection.

This new line provides customers with affordable gear and apparel options, including gender-free sleeping bags, backpacks, trekking poles, and clothing lines.

Amy Marks, REI Co-op product designer, said Trailmade is all about alleviating the feeling of having to fit into a limited mold.

“We’ve created a line that’s intended to fit more bodies and lifestyles, and help people feel more comfortable outside, without compromising durability and performance,” she said.

In cooperation with Unlikely Hikers, Latino Outdoors, 52 Hike Challenge, The Venture Out Project, and Fresh Tracks at the Aspen Institute, the Trailmade collection was designed from the ground up with input from members of REI’s inclusion advisory council from the BIPOC, LGBTQ+, body positive, and adaptable communities.

The collection is created to best meet the requirements and way of life of the ever-changing outdoor enthusiasts. Highlights consist of:

The Trailmade collection is available exclusively for REI members through May 1, when sales open to the broader public.

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