REI End of Year Clearance Sale 2023

As 2023 winds down, REI Co-op is hosting a big end of year clearance sale! If you didn’t pick up that perfect piece of gear or gift for a friend, now is the time. This sale has an array of excellent items on sale for 25% off or more. This includes REI Co-op brand, big name brands and cottage gear companies.

We’ve rounded up some of the best picks for REI’s end of year clearance sale, which you’ll find below. It’s not every year that REI extends a sale into the final week of the year, so jump on this clearance sale while everything is in stock. A lot of these pieces won’t last long!

Top Picks: REI End of Year Clearance Sale

Fjallraven Tab Hat

fjallraven tab hat sale

If there is one quintessential Fjallraven item, it is the hat. Super cozy, super cute and always stylish, a Fjallraven beanie never wanes in popularity. The Tab Hat is a classic Fjallraven beanie that’s as perfect adventuring as it is kicking around town. It comes in an array of beautiful, rich colors and it’s not itchy.

The Tab Hat is 30% off right now, making it a very sweet deal! This hat rarely goes on sale. Grab one for yourself and everyone you love! This beanie will soon become a staple garment and a favorite piece.

See the Fjallraven Tab Hat

Outdoor Research Aspire II Jacket

REI end of year clearance

Outdoor Research’s Aspire II GORE-TEX Jacket is a very clutch rain jacket. Not only is it good looking, it is comfortable with a tailored fit and features really thoughtful design. It has core-vents and pit-zips, so you can dump heat if cardio has you sweating. It’s constructed from highly breathable fabrics to keep your comfortable when you’re having a more mellow adventure and don’t need the added ventilation.

All of the seams on this jacket are sealed, so the waterproofing is solid. Seam seals also help to keep wind at bay. The Aspire II Jacket comes in a bunch of great colors and is available in women’s and men’s sizing. This jacket is 30% off during REI’s end of year clearance sale!

See the Outdoor Research Aspire II Jacket

Cotopaxi Allpa Duo 50L Duffel Bag

Everyone can use a good duffel bag (or another duffel bag!) and right now REI has the Cotopaxi Allpa Duo 50 Liter Duffel Bag on sale for 30% off. We like this duffel for it’s spacious size and it’s thoughtful design. You can wear it like a backpack and it’s got a dirty laundry compartment. The Allpa Duo Duffel Bag comes in three awesome color schemes.

This duffel is burly and rugged but looks so nice it’ll likely become your do-it-all duffel; as great for the gym as it is for an epic road trip.

See the Cotopaxi Allpa Duo 50L Duffel Bag

REI Co-op Trailgate Vehicle Shelter

REI Co-op end of year saleCar camping just got a heck of a lot more comfy! Or it will if you pick up REI Co-op’s Trailgate Vehicle Shelter. This nifty tent-of-sorts is a whopping 50% off right now and we could not leave it off this list. If you’ve ever wanted camp life to be simple and you drive a truck or car with a hatchback, the Trailgate Vehicle Shelter is the chef’s kiss to easy camping as it extends your covered camp space by quite a lot!

The Trailgate Shelter is waterproof and simple to set up. Four standard camp chairs can fit under it and it’s max height is 6-feet 3-inches. It packs down nice and small to fit in your car, so you’ll never forget to toss it in!

See the REI Co-op Trailgate Vehicle Shelter

Eureka Ignite 2-Burner Camp Stove

A nice two burner stove is something every outdoor enthusiast should have! At 30% off, Eureka’s Ignite 2-Burner Camp Stove is a steal of a deal that will likely sell out quickly. Reasons we like this stove are ease of use and a brand you can count on. This stove has simmer control, allowing you to keep the flames exactly how they need to be.

If cooking over fire is something you’re a little worried about, rest easy knowing this stove has a push-to-start ignition and is simple to turn off. It also wont get your car messy, as it locks shut for easy storing.

See the Eureka Ignite 2-Burner Camp Stove

YETI Rambler Vacuum Pint Glass With Magslider Lid

This 16 ounce tumbler from YETI is a classic! It comes in lots of vivid colors (or your standard stainless) and is absolutely built to last. These make exciting gifts for basically everyone as they are perfect for hot drinks, cold drinks or even just water around home. This tumbler has doublewall construction so the temperature of your beverage stays how you want it!

Right now REI has these on sale for 25% off and you’ll want to pick yours up now! This is one of REI’s best-selling items!

See the YETI Rambler Vacuum Pint Glass With Magslider Lid

REI Co-op Flannel/Fleece Blanket

There are never enough blankets and thankfully REI has included their Flannel/Fleece Blanket in their end of year clearance sale. This is a great blanket made from beyond-cozy flannel on one size and uber soft fleece on the other. It comes in a handful of great patterns and right now they are an astounding 50% off!

This is the kind of item you can gift to everyone. It’s also the kind of item everyone loves. Get yourself a Flannel/Fleece blanket during this sale, but definitely also be sure to scoop a couple up for your best friends. They’ll certainly be glad you did!

See the REI Co-op Flannel/Fleece Blanket

Petzl Spatha Knife

REI End of Year Clearance Sale 2023

A handy-dandy knife is something that should be in any adventure kit. Right now the Petzl Spatha Knife is on sale at 25% off and is sitting at a price too good to pass up! We like this knife because it is lightweight and folds down to 4.5 inches. It has an attachment point so you can stick it on your pack, harness or a lanyard.

The Spatha Knife is made from solid stainless steel and is real burly, yet it fits in the hand comfortably. It’s blade has both smooth and serrated edging. It’s perfect for cutting cordage, climbing ropes and handling tasks around camp.

See the Petzl Spatha Knife

REI Co-op Trail 40 Pack

REI Co-op 40L Pack REI End of Year Clearance Sale 2023

If you’re looking for a do-it-all backpack on the end of year clearance sale, REI Co-op’s Trail 40 Pack is a phenomenal option! It’s currently 30% off and comes in four color choices. This is a popular backpack thanks to it’s comfortable design, array of thoughtful pockets and top-notch quality. At 40 liters, this pack is well suited for day hikes and overnights, as well as road trips!

The Trail 40 Pack is made from recycled materials and has the bluesign certification, meaning it’s been made responsibly and will help to keep trash out of landfills. Overall, this is a highly thoughtful and organized backpack from REI.

REI Co-op Trail 40 Pack

TheTentLab The Deuce #2 UL Backcountry TrowelREI End of Year Clearance Sale 2023

If you or a friend have yet to get a trowel for your in-nature-number-twos, now is the time to pick one up. REI is giving 25% off TheTentLab’s The Deuce #2 UL Backcountry Trowel. We know it’s not delightful to add to your pack weight with bathroom kit. That’s why it’s key to grab a trowel that is ultralight. This little item weighs in at 17 grams and is constructed of durable aluminum.

If you aim to Leave No Trace, digging little catholes with a trowel is often times exactly what you should be doing to take care of your solid waste. The Deuce #2 Trowel makes it very easy to do!

TheTentLab The Deuce #2 UL Backcountry Trowel

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