REI Members Get Early Access to the Weston x Zeal Collection

It’s not every day that you can get early access to limited edition products from amazing brands such as Zeal Goggles and Weston Snowboard.

But that’s the thing about REI Co-op – their members-only deals are second to none.

Part of this exciting collaboration is the Zeal Hangfire Backwoods Collective polarized snow goggles from the curated Backwoods Collective line, which feature a low-distortion spherical lens that mimics the eye’s shape to minimize distortion

Another is the Zeal Lookout Backwoods polarized snow goggles that offer simple, secure lens changes and great visibility.

Meanwhile, a powder/freeride hybrid, the Weston Backwoods x Backwoods Collective snowboard features a wide nose, tapered tail, and mid-stiff flex.

This ultimate snowboard is agile in trees, sturdy on ice, and floaty on thick snow.

These limited-edition products from Zeal Goggles and Weston Snowboards are exclusive to REI Co-op members.

If you are not yet a member, join the Co-op today and earn a $30 bonus card and a lifetime of member benefits.

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