Rest Better Outdoors With the New Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite NXT

Ultralight and comfortable backpacking has never been easier with the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite NXT, designed to redefine comfort in lightweight sleeping bags.

For a better night’s sleep, the XLite NXT employs improved ThermaCapture technology that has been incorporated into the Triangular Core Matrix and is six times quieter than the previous pad.

The XLite NXT provides great support and comfort on the trail at three inches thick (a half-inch thicker than the regular XLite).

With a 4.5 R-value and an industry-leading warmth-to-weight ratio, the Triangular Core Matrix makes the XLite NXT ideal for any season and any trip.

The ultralight pad has a typical weight of 13 ounces and can be compressed into a space the size of a one-liter water bottle.

The 30D Ripstop Nylon provides more puncture resistance with strong TPU laminate, and the pad inflates three times quicker owing to the simple WingLock valve’s bigger opening and one-way valve.

Like other Therm-a-Rest pads, the NeoAir XLite NXT (MSRP: $199.95 for regular size), is produced in-market to guarantee superior craftsmanship and minimize environmental impact.

Visit Therm-a-Rest’s website to learn more about this ultimate sleeping pad.

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