Ride1Up Introduces Enhanced LMT’D V2 eBike: A Perfect Blend of Power and Comfort

Ride1Up, renowned for its quality electric bikes tailored for avid riders, unveils the revamped LMT’D V2, promising an exhilarating and seamless riding experience.

The updated LMT’D V2 is designed to offer exceptional value, featuring a newly integrated torque sensor for unparalleled responsiveness and efficiency.

Powerful eBike for Comfort, Range, and a Quiet Natural Ride

Boasting a 100mm travel suspension fork and dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes, this premium eBike effortlessly transitions from urban streets to rugged terrain, ensuring rider confidence and control.

With a focus on providing a natural riding experience, Ride1Up meticulously re-engineered the LMT’D V2.

It delivers enhanced hill-climbing capabilities, extended range, and whisper-quiet operation, courtesy of its AKM motor with planetary gears.

Daniel Urbino, CEO of Ride1Up, emphasized the company’s commitment to rider satisfaction, stating, “The LMT’D V2 embodies our dedication to crafting exceptional bikes that prioritize rider enjoyment and functionality.”

Available in three color options and two frame styles, the LMT’D V2 is now available for $1595, catering to a wide range of preferences and riding needs.

For more information and detailed specifications, visit Ride1Up’s website.

Images courtesy of Ride1Up

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