Meet Rockay Blaze: Calf Compression Sleeves That Help You Hike Longer and Recover Quicker

Rockay, a European running company, has created an impressive graduated compression calf sleeve for running and hiking. It’s called the Blaze, and uses a proprietary process for weaving recycled yarn into long-lasting, sweat-wicking sleeves, that compress your sore and aching muscles like you wouldn’t believe.


The Rockay Blaze calf compression sleeve helps keep your legs in tip top shape after a long hike or trail run.

These days, you see compression arm sleeves, leg sleeves, and socks on nearly every high-level athlete around — from basketball stars to ultra-endurance runners. And a lot of the sleeves utilize graduated compression. The science of graduated compression comes from the medical field, where sleeves, socks, and stockings are used to treat chronic venous disease (your leg veins not allowing blood to the heart) and general swelling of the legs.

While athletes don’t have these issues, the stimulation of blood flow and tamping down of swelling helps them quite a bit. When you take this tech and transpose it to hiking and running, the results are impressive. The psychology of having increased blood flow has shown to help actual race times, but the biggest proven relief is in recovery.


An urban jog to get a feel for the Blaze leg sleeves.

Wearing the Blaze after a long hike or run will keep your legs from swelling and aching, allowing you to tackle even more the next day. Coupled with the light protection and sweat-wicking functionality, we find these to be excellent for extended backpacking treks if you get overly sore legs.

The graduated compression on the Rockay Blaze is documented at 16-23 mmHg, which provides a firm amount of pressure on your ankle and gradually gets less constrictive as it moves up your calf. They feel tight at first, but your legs adjust quickly and when you take them off you realize just how “supported” you felt.

See the Rockay Blaze Calf Compression Sleeve

Unique Features of the Rockay Leg Compression Sleeves

Our staff ran around a great deal in the Blaze, and found them to perform exactly like they should: firm yet supportive, no itch, lots of breathability, and a surprising lasting effect on recovery.


The Rockay Blaze is noticeably tight at the ankle, just like it’s supposed to be.

Rockay uses Polygiene to reduce any odor that comes from next-to-skin products, and seamless construction for what proved to be crazy comfortable leg sleeves.

They also come with a lifetime guarantee, which is impressive. We know of just a few sock brands that offer this kind of warranty, and it’s unheard of for Europe.

Environmentally Sound Leg Sleeves

Rockay is big on sustainability. Their two objectives as an activewear company are to create an uncompromising product, and to have that product reduce plastic waste in the world.


You’d never know the Blaze compression sleeves are made from 100% recycled material. They compare to any high-performance sleeve, and breathe and stretch better than most.

Each sock and sleeve is made of fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring, and plastic that’s collected all over the world. They clean the waste and recover nylon from it, then send it in for “regeneration” — which basically means recycled to its original function. For nylon, that means stretch and breathability.

All the products are 100% recycled, as is the product packaging.

In a world where there are arguably too many sock companies, a recycled product line stands out.

See the Rockay Blaze Calf Compression Sleeve

Who is Rockay?

The Danish company was founded to create exceptional performance running gear, and to reduce the plastic in the world. It has gained a foothold in the running world, both for its mission and the products, which perform for extreme athletes and casual enthusiasts alike.

The international flair of Rockay is appreciated, and the commitment to sustainability is impressive. Rockay makes a huge range of socks for all styles of outdoor pursuit, arm and calf sleeves, and full compression socks. Their line should outfit any trail runner, hiker, and long-distance backpacker with supportive, wicking, life-long foot and leg protection.

See the Rockay Blaze Compression Sleeve, and learn more about Rockay.

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