ROKA Launches Next-Generation Wetsuits, Pioneering Innovation in Triathlon Gear

After a three-year anticipation, ROKA has unveiled its newest line of wetsuits, marking a significant milestone for the renowned swimwear brand.

The Maverick X.3, the flagship model in this launch, embodies the culmination of extensive research and athlete collaboration, promising unparalleled speed, comfort, and control.

New Maverick X.3 Wetsuit: Faster By Design

Pioneering advancements include premium Yamamoto neoprene and liners for enhanced buoyancy and comfort, alongside a revised RSX center-panel construction to improve flexibility and breathing capacity.

The incorporation of Aerodome material bolsters buoyancy and agility, while new forearm catch technology heightens tactile feedback for optimal water feel.

In a bid to address common triathlon challenges, ROKA has also refined details such as neck paneling to minimize chafing and bolster sealing.

With a steadfast commitment to empowering athletes, the brand’s latest wetsuits aim to instill confidence and elevate performance levels, catering to both novice participants and seasoned professionals alike.

Available for pre-order in both men’s and women’s styles, the Maverick X.3 ($1,245 MSRP) heralds a new era of innovation in swimwear technology.

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