Rumpl and OARS Unite for the Ultimate Whitewater Adventure

Outdoor enthusiasts can now experience the comfort of Rumpl on their next whitewater adventure.

The leading provider of premium outdoor blankets has announced a new partnership with OARS, a respected whitewater outfitter.

Rumpl becomes the official and exclusive blanket sponsor for OARS and OARS Events, providing its technical blankets and other cozy products to guests, guides, and support staff.

Product Focus: Staying Warm and Dry on the River

The partnership highlights Rumpl’s commitment to providing top-notch gear for outdoor adventurers.

Beyond the versatile and popular Original Puffy Blanket, rafters can expect to see other river-friendly Rumpl products like the Everywhere Towel and Puffy Poncho.

These quick-drying and packable options are ideal for wiping off splashes or providing an extra layer of warmth after a long day on the water.

Rumpl’s commitment to technical fabrics ensures that paddlers will stay comfortable even in wet conditions.

Shared Passion for Adventure

Both Rumpl and OARS emphasize the importance of getting people outdoors and enjoying the beauty of nature.

“Our partnership is a natural fit,” said Josh Weichhand, Rumpl’s vice president of global brand marketing.

“We are committed to creating quality, durable products for our core consumers in the outdoor adventure space.”

Steve Markle, vice president of sales and marketing for OARS, echoed this sentiment. “A great experience on the river starts with assembling the best team and the right gear.

In teaming up with Rumpl, we celebrate a passion for the outdoors and a shared ethos and approach to adventure.”

This new partnership allows OARS to provide its guests and crew with an extra layer of comfort and warmth on their whitewater rafting trips.

Enhancing Outdoor Experience

Ultimately, this collaboration benefits both companies while enhancing the overall experience for outdoor enthusiasts hitting the rapids.

Plan your next unforgettable adventure with OARS and experience the comfort of Rumpl for yourself.

Gear up with Rumpl’s full line of technical outdoor blankets and accessories at Rumpl¬†and set out to explore.

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