Rumpl Collabs With RAD Artist Erik Abel

Premium lifestyle brand Rumpl has launched its new collaboration with Erik Abel, an artist and surfer from Ashland, Oregon.

Inspired by his love of the ocean, Abel used bright, bold colors and geometric patterns for the brand’s newest capsule collection.

Featuring two Original Puffy Blankets and an Everywhere Towel, this partnership was made for a day on the beach.

Abel said the collaboration with Rumpl was right in line with what he has been doing as far as trying to get everything a little more eco-friendly, a little less impact on the planet, and filling their blankets with recycled bottles.

“I love working with companies that kind of fall in line with what I believe in,” he said.

He said the designs were inspired by living in the Northwest, going down to the beach, having beautiful coastal mountain ranges, going right into the water and just smelling that sweet, salty air, having that breeze.

Check and shop the Erik Abel collaboration, including the Original Puffy Blanket (Salty Mountain Air), Everywhere Towel (Salty Mountain Air), and the Original Puffy Blanket (Yogi).

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