Rumpl, Oxcart Assembly Launches Limited-Edition NASA Artemis Collection

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to orbit the Earth? Or even travel to Mars? If so, then you’re in luck.

Rumpl has partnered with Oxcart Assembly to produce limited-edition NASA Artemis-inspired blankets.

Wylie Robinson, founder and CEO at Rumpl, said the beginning of the NASA Artemis Mission is an important milestone as NASA continues to push what’s possible when it comes to space exploration and humanity.

“Our exclusive Rumpl x NASA Artemis collection is unique and expresses a bold mix of vibrant and futuristic designs that will keep all NASA fans stylish through the liftoff of this mission,” he said.

NASA and Artemis Rumpl collectible products come in three signature designs: the Original Puffy Blanket Artemis, the Original Puffy Blanket NASA, and the Original Puffy Poncho Artemis.

The blankets and poncho are a striking mix of classic and futuristic colorways inspired by Artemis’ vibrant horizon gradient.

Each product comes with either a NASA logo patch or an Artemis logo patch and is made with Rumpl’s 100% post-consumer recycled polyester shell and 3D hollow fiber siliconized synthetic insulation.

Rumpl’s original features, such as the blanket’s Cape Clip and the poncho’s hidden pocket drink holder, are incorporated into the blankets for hands-free mobility while on the go.

The exclusive collection marks the beginning of NASA’s Artemis Mission and is now available at

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