Rumpl’s NanoLoft Flame Is Your Perfect Campfire Blanket

If you’re looking for a new camping or bonfire blanket, Rumpl’s all-new NanoLoft Flame Blanket is the ultimate option.

With a proprietary, fire-resistant exterior topside material, the NanoLoft Flame Blanket is the perfect, spark-ready companion for the campfire, fire pit, and fireplace.

This blanket features a Cape Clip that allows you to wear your blanket hands-free so you can start a fire or drink your beer.

It is ultra-packable with 100% post-consumer recycled NanoLoft insulation that is made up of tiny circular clusters of fiber that mimic the properties of down clusters.

This technology traps warmth inside small pockets of air to efficiently preserve heat, regardless of conditions.

Likewise, the blanket is incredibly portable with its ability to fold down to about the size of a big water bottle.

The new NanoLoft Flame Blanket can be purchased in three colors: Dijon, Deepwater, and Crimson.

The flame blanket is available in travel size to keep lightweight, durable warmth in arm’s reach anytime, anywhere.

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