SCARPA Unveils New Reflex VS Climbing Shoe

Movement Climbing Gyms (US) and MEC (Canada) will be the first to carry the all-new Reflex VS climbing shoe from SCARPA.

This is designed specifically to address the needs of both beginning and experienced climbers.

With an approachable price tag of $99, the Reflex VS boasts exceptional construction and durability, making it a welcome addition to the climbing footwear market.

Professional Climbers Endorse the Reflex VS

SCARPA athletes Alex Puccio and Sean McColl have praised the shoe’s quality and affordability.

Puccio highlights the challenge new climbers face in finding the right shoe, stating, “The Reflex VS is a comfortable shoe while still being really technical.”

McColl echoes this sentiment, calling the Reflex VS “the best entry level climbing shoe on the market.”

“I like the simplicity of the shoe. There’s no doubt I would have benefitted from this shoe when I started climbing,” he added.

Designed for Comfort and Performance

The Reflex VS features a unique blend of comfort and technical climbing features.

The stretch-knit instep panel, a SCARPA innovation, provides breathability, a secure fit, and easy on-and-off. This panel is also washable for long-lasting hygiene.

Scarpa’s proprietary Vision rubber ensures reliable grip and durability, making the shoe suitable for extended use as climbers hone their skills.

Dual microfiber straps offer a secure closure and easy adjustability.

More Than Just for Beginners

While the Reflex VS caters to new climbers, its features extend its appeal to more experienced climbers as well.

The shoe’s focus on comfort makes it ideal for long climbing sessions, and its durable construction ensures it can withstand the demands of advanced climbing techniques.

The Reflex VS is available in both men’s and women’s sizes. For more information about SCARPA footwear, visit their website now.

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