Sea to Summit Expands Award-Winning Tent and Dry Storage Categories

In its continuing quest to provide customers with the best in extreme adventure gear, Sea to Summit is excited to announce new product launches for its award-winning tent and dry storage categories.

The global manufacturer of adventure equipment is expanding its tent and dry storage categories with the release of the Ikos tent, Big River Dry Pack, eVac Compression Dry Bag HD, and various product iterations within the dry storage category.

Josh Simpson, Sea to Summit’s North America General Manager, said that for more than 30 years, the brand has focused on creating some of the most innovative equipment solutions on the market, offering unparalleled durability.

“The recent product launches highlight the future of our design, the meticulous and thoughtful features we work to incorporate, and the potential in which we can integrate sustainable materials and solutions into our core offering,” he said.

Sea to Summit’s most environmentally friendly tent to date is the Ikos.

The brand was able to develop market-leading sustainability solutions after careful material research and invention to produce a best-in-class tent without sacrificing the qualities consumers value most.

The Ikos tent uses first-to-market DAC MX poles with a non-PFC water-repellent coating, chemical-free, flame-resistant fabric, and a greener anodizing technique to reduce the environmental effects.

Additionally, Sea to Summit will update and streamline its heritage dry storage collection.

In addition to introducing brand-new items like the Big River Dry Pack and eVac Compression Dry Bag HD, the company has improved classic lightweight dry bags and stuff sacks in a sustainable fashion.

The category refresh provides a clear division between the Heavy Duty, Lightweight, and Ultralight product families and leverages decades of industry-leading design innovations and customer input to deliver user-friendly features.

The new dry storage products are now available for purchase, while the Ikos tent will be available on March 10th at

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