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A brand we all rely on when it comes to quality gear that allows us freedom to adventure is Sea To Summit.

Whether you backpack, paddle or climb odds are you have some Sea To Summit gear that is essential to your type II fun. Here at Backpackers we’ve recommended their products for years. And today we’d like to introduce you to the brand and what Sea To Summit is all about.

Roland Tyson founded Sea To Summit in 1991 after years of gear creation at his home in Australia. He was driven to build the nicest, lightest and most durable equipment possible. Equipment that could take him deeper into the Australian outback and eventually into the Himalayas.

A backcountry camper sets up a sea to summit site in canyon country

These days, Sea To Summit is a global brand with a reputation for reliable and innovative equipment that is built to last a lifetime. And they are still building gear inspired by the early days when Sea To Summit was simply a passionate guy hand-making equipment at home. The story of this brand is as inspired as the adventures they help you go after!

And adventure is truly what it’s all about. One of Sea To Summit’s missions is to invent and produce gear that enables freedom and self-reliance in any environment.

climbers using sea to summit packs up on a ledge

Sea To Summit is also focused on sustainability, treating this planet right and caring about their people.

Sea To Summit And The Freedom Of Wild Places

It can be overwhelming to think about your biggest dreams of backcountry adventure, whatever they may be. Sea To Summit is dedicated to making top quality gear that you can depend on. Not only does this allow you to breathe easier, it allows you to feel the freedom of fully tapping into the wild.

Not having to worry about little things like where to hang laundry; or big things like how on earth to find shade in the scorching sun… what an epic difference it makes to have solutions for these things!

Campers relaxing in a beautiful canyon thanks to sea to summit shade

This gear is created by folks who are explorers themselves. This means that first-hand innovation is at play. And that’s truly how the best equipment is invented. By adventurers, for adventurers!

A Wide Array Of Gear

From bug protection and clean water needs to camp kitchens to shelters Sea To Summit understands the need for dependable gear on adventures. These items create ease of mind which translates beautifully into a sense of freedom.

With an extensive array of products, Sea To Summit can fully support your adventures.

A camper nice and cozy thanks to a sea to summit down sleeping bag

At Backpackers we’ve used a huge selection of Sea To Summit equipment. Our gear testers have always been impressed that Sea To Summit doesn’t miss a beat on the quality of gear they put out.

Gear tester Jon specifically calls out Sea To Summit as being one of the most varied brands available. Stating they put out amazing quality products across the board. He also notes that they make a lot of things that are usually overlooked, but super important. Things like biodegradable and nontoxic hygiene products.

Supporting Adventure, Supporting The Planet

As Sea To Summit has grown so has their passion to support the planet. They do this through sustainability and healthy business practices.

From reducing carbon emissions to using recycled materials for their innovative gear, Sea To Summit strives to do better. In recent years they’ve increased their use of traceable recycled materials. Using bluesign® approved fabrics and transitioning to C0 non-PFC water repellent finishes.

a camper uses sea to summit cook wear to find freedom in the mountains

But it doesn’t stop there! 100% of the down used in Sea To Summit sleeping bags and quilts is independently certified to the Responsible Down Standard. This certifies down against animal welfare requirements and tracks it from the source to the final product.

On top of everything they’re doing to be a responsible and eco-minded company, Sea To Summit also gives back to organizations that help our planet. Leave No Trace and The Conservation Alliance being two of those organizations.

a nice sea to summit clothing line allows freedom to do laundry in the wild

We all want to feel good about the companies we support. Sea To Summit is a company creating gear that is not only super reliable, but also mindful of what they’re doing as far as the health of our planet is concerned.

It’s amazing to think that Sea To Summit began as a humble Aussie toiling away at home, only to become one of the most well respected outdoor companies on the scene.

Sea To Summit leads the way in giving you the freedom to adventure! We can’t wait to see what they innovate next.

Learn more about Sea To Summit.

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