Sea To Summit Frontier Collection: Ultralight Cooking Made Easy

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your camp kitchen for the backcountry, look no further than the new product drop from Sea To Summit! Cooking in wild places has never been so easy or ultralight. Hello, Frontier Collection!

cooking at camp with sea to summit camp kitchen products

When it comes to cookware for camp, saving space is as big a deal as saving weight. Sea To Summit has created a handful of kitchen products that collapse down, transforming into some of the smallest camp cookware we’ve ever seen. This is done by using EU food-grade silicone and hard-anodized aluminum. Both materials offer fantastic durability and are lightweight.

Whether you’re really into the ultralight scene or don’t think too terribly much about cutting weight, you’ll want to check out Sea To Summit’s new camp kitchen gear. It’s always great to save space in your backpack or in the trunk of your car if car camping is more your style. With Sea To Summit’s new Frontier Collection, you don’t have to skimp on nice pieces in order to make space or cut ounces.

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Unique Pieces From Sea To Summit’s Frontier Ultralight Lineup

Over the past few weeks we’ve been testing out some of the products from Sea To Summit’s Frontier Ultralight line. Not only are we impressed by how everything nests together and collapses down so small, we are impressed by the durability and burly builds of these ultralight pieces.

Gear tester Jon put the Frontier Ultralight Pan and Collapsible One Pot Cook Set to good use in Sedona, Arizona. Meanwhile, I was able to use the Ultralight Collapsible Kettle Cook Set on a recent backpacking trip in southern Arizona. We are both really impressed!

Frontier Ultralight Collapsible Kettle Cook Set with Cup & Bowl

pouring hot water into a collapsible camp cup from sea to summit's frontier line.

I must admit, prior to using the Frontier Collapsible Kettle, I had never used a kettle during a backpacking trip. They seemed cumbersome and kind of silly. But now that this little collapsible kettle is a part of my kit, I’m so excited! Not only did this work well with my MSR stove, it was so easy to pour from. It made my morning coffee feel decadent in a way camp coffee never has.

This set comes with a medium collapsible bowl and small cup that I also really liked using. The whole set up nests together and takes up a really small space. No joke, all three pieces take up less space than my usual camp pot and mug.  And all three pieces weigh in at a scant 11.2 ounces.

Frontier Ultralight Collapsible One Pot Cook Set

frontier ultralight one pot cook set

This award winning 5-piece set is truly a game changer if you’ve been looking for a new backpacking cook pot and dishes. Nestled in a stack barely over 2-inches tall, you will find a 2.2 liter cook pot, two medium bowls and two cups. And all five pieces weigh in at 18.5 ounces combined.

Frontier Ultralight Pan

ultralight pan in action

Using hard-anodized aluminium alloy for efficient heat transfer and a ceramic non-stick coating, Sea To Summit’s Frontier Ultralight Pan will have you making pancakes in the wilderness happily! Weighing in at 12.9 ounces, this is a backcountry no-brainer if you plan to do some actual cooking at camp.

The Frontier Ultralight Pan features a removable handle, which makes it much easier to pack than its competitors. This pan can also be nestled with the 5-piece set above for the ultimate camp kitchen experience.

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Who is Sea To Summit?

Sea To Summit is a company known for exceptional quality and innovation based out of Australia. They’ve become a top brand amongst all sorts of outdoor adventurers when it comes to reliable gear. As a company Sea To Summit strives to do good for the planet and the people. This is demonstrated by the materials they use, their dedication to doing better and the ways they give back.

See the Sea To Summit Camp Kitchen Gear, and learn more about Sea To Summit.

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