See the Parks Project Hawaiʻi Volcanic Wonderland Drop!

Parks Project just dropped its Hawaiʻi Volcanic Wonderland collection!

Since 2013, Parks Project has been a company set on doing good things for the stewardship of our National Parks. Parks Project accomplishes its mission by educating, advocating, volunteering, and activating park supporters to get involved in conservation.

The company partnered up with the likes of the National Park Service, National Geographic, and REI throughout the years. These partnerships boosted Parks Project into the common vernacular for many outdoor enthusiasts!

Parks Project Hawaiʻi Volcanic Wonderland collection

Parks Project is donating $10,000 to the Hawai‘i Pacific Parks Association.

In 2021, Parks Project donated over $2 million to conservation non-profits. That’s quite an accomplishment. The company also began dropping beautiful collections around this time. Parks Project Collections are designed on a theme that gives back to a very specific organization. This allows Parks Project to have a big impact!

This summer, Parks Project dropped its Hawaiʻi Volcanic Wonderland collection. To celebrate this collection, Parks Project is donating $10,000 to the Hawai‘i Pacific Parks Association to support their mission: with the spirit of aloha, to inspire the discovery and stewardship of the natural and cultural heritage of Pacific island parks.

Parks Project Hawaiʻi Volcanic Wonderland Collection

The Parks Project Hawaiʻi Volcanic Wonderland collection rocks!

For connection and preservation of the land, its history, and its future, the Hawai‘i Volcanic Wonderlands collection celebrates the diverse ecosystems of Hawai‘i.

This drop is filled with vintage tops and Park Project’s best-selling grandpa-style hat so you can bring the spirit of aloha into your daily life. Each item in the collection is made to feel super comfy from day one.

Each purchase supports the Hawai‘i Pacific Parks Association

The Parks Project Hawaiʻi Volcanic Wonderland collection!

When you shop this collection, you celebrate diversity and support the Hawai‘i Pacific Parks Association. It makes grabbing a couple of super cute Tees even more exciting!

Rock out with these new Tees!

Parks Project: Philanthropy, Stewardship, and Great Products

When it comes to walking the talk and doing good things for our parks, Parks Project is truly a standout. Not only does Parks Project donate a lot of money to important causes, they believe in sustainable conservation through education. They are transparent about how they approach stewardship, which is a breath of fresh air!

On top of doing big things on the stewardship front, Parks Project creates quality products that anybody can enjoy.

Parks Project has become really well known for putting out rad vintage-style t-shirts, an array of nice hats, and practical accessories for adventure and at home. The Hawaiʻi Volcanic Wonderland collection features a variety of t-shirts, hats, and stickers sure to please all island explorers and stewards of the planet!

Parks Project is a purpose-driven brand advocating for people and parks

It’s time to shop the drop!

Learn more about Parks Project and browse the Hawaiʻi Volcanic Wonderland collection today. This collection *rocks* — no, really! Wander lightly with lightweight tees. Shop the drop!

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