See the Slopes With Squad Imprint 3D by Smith Optics

Embark on a new era of winter sports with Smith Optics’ latest innovation – the Squad Imprint 3D goggles.

Joining the esteemed Imprint 3D family, these goggles offer a personalized experience like never before, priced affordably at $250.

Introducing Smith Squad Imprint 3D Goggles

Using cutting-edge face scan technology and 3D printing, Smith Optics crafts custom frames tailored precisely to the contours of the user’s face.

The Squad Imprint 3D goggles are engineered to provide an unparalleled visual experience.

Smith Squad Imprint 3D Goggles

Boasting a semi-rimless design and oversized cylindrical lens, they deliver a wide field of view complemented by sharp optics and advanced anti-fog technology.

Integration with Smith helmets ensures maximum comfort, optimal venting, and fog-free performance, while the QuickFit strap adjustment system allows for effortless customization.

Tackling winter challenges head-on, the Imprint 3D-specific DriWix face foam wicks away moisture, preventing fogging and expanding the field of view.

The ultra-wide, silicone-backed strap guarantees a secure and comfortable fit, making the Squad Imprint 3D goggles essential for slope enthusiasts seeking unmatched clarity and performance in their winter adventures.

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