‘Shortney’ Running Shorts Worn By Courtney Dauwalter Now Available At Salomon

Courtney Dauwalter, a Salomon trail runner, has triumphed in nearly all ultra-trail competitions, and she did it while donning her recognizable loose-fitting, knee-length Salomon prototype shorts.

Fans have dubbed them the “Shortneys” along the route on social media, and now regular women runners can own them too.

Dauwalter said that being comfortable while running is the most important thing and providing this longer-length short option for women is awesome.

“I’m very excited that the Shortneys will be available for everyone, long inseam party!” she said.

The oversized technical trail shorts and T-shirt inspired by Dauwalter combine ultra-comfort and lightness for long-distance runners looking to push the limits and be comfortable while doing it.

The shorts and shirt feature a quote from Courtney that reads: “No one else can run those miles for you.”

Marthe Magis, Salomon’s Product Line Manager for Running Apparel, said Courtney has her own style and it’s all based on comfort and performance, which is what they aim to deliver in our S/LAB apparel products.

“We heard the call from trail runners and fans of Courtney to make her signature Shortney shorts and T-shirt available to all women runners. After some collaborative work with Courtney and our Service-To-Athletes design team, we’re excited to make the shorts and shirt a reality for the spring ’23 range,” she said.

The Shortney shorts have a 26.5cm (10.23-inch) inseam and feature ultra-soft, lightweight stretch fabrics that dry quickly and keep you feeling comfy over any distance.

Elastic yarns support the oversized design and lightweight, four-way stretch fabric to liberate your movements for an irresistible feeling of freedom.

The women’s Shortney running shorts and T-shirt are now available for purchase on Salomon.com.

Images and content courtesy of Salomon

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