Shoulder the Cold Giveaway! $2800+ in Prizes

We have partnered with ten incredible brands to give you first-class gear for your shoulder season backpacking.

Win over $2800 in prizes! There will be two winners, First and Second Place. Enter with your email address and name, and earn many additional entries by sharing with your friends, following participating brands on Instagram, and completing our Backpacker Type survey! The giveaway will run from November 4 to November 11.

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The Shoulder the Cold Giveaway Prizes

First Place


SCARPA Shoes – Winner’s Choice

BioLite CampStove 2 Bundle

Sierra Designs Borrego Hybrid Jacket

Alpen Fuel Gift Card – $100

Wildly Good Gift Card – $100

LARQ Bottle Movement 32 oz

Kahtoola LEVAgaiter Tall GTX

Kahtoola EXOspikes

Muscle MX Restore CBD Antimicrobial Lotion

Muscle MX Activate CBD Heating Balm Adventure Badge Stickers (2 of your choice!)

Second Place

Klymit KSB 0 Sleeping Bag

BioLite CampStove 2 Bundle

Sierra Designs Cold Canyon Hoodie

Alpen Fuel Gift Card – $100

Wildly Good Gift Card – $100

Muscle MX 1000 Mg CBD Drops – Immune

Muscle MX Recovery CBD Cooling Balm

LARQ Bottle Movement 24 oz

Kahtoola MICROspikes Adventure Badge Stickers (2 of your choice!) Affiliate Policy: This post contains affiliate links, which help fund our website. When you click on the links to purchase the gear we get a commission, and this goes a long way to creating guides, gear reviews, and other excellent content.


59 responses to “Shoulder the Cold Giveaway! $2800+ in Prizes

  1. Anita Sue Hamiltonsays:

    This is best!

    1. Christopher Fritschesays:

      Thanks for doing this, this is great.

      1. Denise Birdsongsays:

        This has everything needed. I love this giveaway!!

    2. Danesays:

      Pick me, pretty please!

  2. Salley Deckersays:

    Thanks for havibg two winners! Having more winners (even with only 1-2 prizes for those winners) would be even better!

  3. Robert Galinsays:

    Wow. Great stuff and timely.

  4. David Holmsays:



    1. Gina Mckinleysays:

      I’ve been getting out on the trails a lot more since COVID. Looks like great prizes. Aloha!

  6. Beverly A Voughtsays:

    Great opportubnty!

  7. Amysays:

    I am perfectly happy winning second place!

  8. Kalisays:

    Wow this is the best giveaway!!

  9. Denise Birdsongsays:

    Amazing giveaway! This is great..every item.

  10. I grew up in a Colorado Rocky Mtn family, & am stoked to explore to newest & latest of what’s coming!

  11. I have to re-think everything I’m doing because of my latest diagnosis, yet I have NO intention of stopping my excursions into the backcountry, it’s amazing sunrises & sunsets, the underground wilderness that is just now is getting recognizing…. I could go on forever!

    Power to the peaceful1

  12. Micah Ballsays:


  13. Jeffsays:

    Great gear by the best company’s. I would love any of it

  14. Beverly A Voughtsays:

    Wonderful items!

  15. Bradley Saunderssays:

    Great job! Keep up the good work…

  16. Renee Morgansays:

    Great prizes!

  17. Jason Greensays:


  18. Jacob J Ramirezsays:

    Let’s get it!!!

  19. al berumansays:

    Soo cool! Thanks

  20. love two winwinwinwin

  21. This is such a loaded giveaway!!! Two very lucky winners in the future!

  22. christine mccluresays:

    that is so nice to have the contest, gives people that dont have the money to own something so nice.

  23. KJ Richardsonsays:

    It sure would help. Just built a camper and may be homeless soon. It would keep me alive.

    1. Susan Kerlinsays:

      Still want to win! Fingers crossed!

  24. Xabiersays:

    You know I never won anything, but I’m happy to have a change to try for great products. Kudos

  25. Donna Rookssays:

    quality gear makes hiking so much more enjoyable.

  26. Idasays:

    This is so exciting! Thank you for making this opportunity available!!

  27. Linda Burnettesays:

    Nice contest, awesome prizes!

  28. Thomas Burnettesays:

    Nice! Very nice!

  29. Carol Donaldsonsays:

    I’m an eclectic “camper” — at age 76 with Apnea and bad knees! But where there’s an adventurous spirit, nothing can stop the journey! LNT! Be prepared and carry a map and compass and know how to use them! Choose your gear wisely! Trust your gut! (The AT Hiker Formerly Known as Coosa.)

  30. Larry Kochsays:

    Thanks for such generous prizes.

  31. Carol Marshallsays:

    I love all the fantastic prizes!

  32. Mary Abodeelysays:

    i hope to win

  33. Suzanne Lowesays:

    Love my Larq!!!

  34. Alita Bowdersays:


  35. Denise Birdsongsays:

    This is some really great stuff!!

  36. Wanda St-Laurentsays:

    Lots of great stuff…. Awesome!

  37. Samantha Fletchersays:

    Nice stuff love to win

  38. Paul Sheridansays:

    Some of that gear is just what I needed!


    a win will get me back on top o the mountain

  40. Cheryl Suttonsays:

    Nice stuff Glad you have more winners more chances

  41. Lyn A Pizzanosays:

    This would be perfect for our New England weather.

  42. Don Pinessays:

    Thanks for giving something positive in this tense time.

  43. Kimberly Townsendsays:

    Cannot wait to win these boots and hot trekker goods so I can explore the canyons!

    1. Marie Sullivansays:

      This is awesome cant wait to see if I win. It would be nice to go hiking again with new and improved gear. Thanks for a chance

  44. Michael Kennedysays:

    Perfect timing as fall moves into winter.

  45. Sherry Jennettesays:

    I have been using Sierra Design gear & clothing since the early 70’s & Scarpa boots & shoes are amazing. I am not familiar with several of the other brands but would love to try them out✌

  46. Beverly Metcalfsays:

    These would be nice to have when we go camping or hiking. Thanks!

  47. BillBill (BB)says:

    I need all of it!

  48. Greg Mccaslinsays:

    I’m so excited to put this gear to good use. Thank you.

  49. vicki cohnsays:

    Such nice gear!

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