Sierra Designs Announces 2023 New Product Launches

In their quest to push the limits of outdoor equipment design, Sierra Designs has announced two new product launches – the Elemental Quilt and Flex Hike daypack.

These new products which are an expansion of the brand’s Pushing the Limits collection are proofs of Sierra Design’s commitment to elevating innovation and sustainable design.

Elemental Quilt, a sleeping bag, and quilt combination created only from 100% recycled synthetic materials, offers maximum versatility.

Weighing in at 1lb, 15.3oz and with a temperature rating of 35°, Elemental Quilt is the next innovation of a sustainable sleeping bag, in quilt form.

This synthetically insulated bag weighs less than two pounds and is a lightweight option for cool and damp weather, making it the ideal hybrid for thru-hikers and backpackers.

An adjustable hood, draft collar, insulated hand pockets, and foot box let the large blanket retain heat while converting effortlessly into a sleeping bag with just one easy zip.

Additionally, the quilt has optional Pad Lock connectors to keep sleeping bags safe.

The all-new Elemental Quilt will be available in Spring 2023 for $199.95.

Meanwhile, explorers who enjoy many sports will love the Flex Hike daypack.

The Flex Hike’s adjustable gussets let you change the pack’s volume from 20L to 30L to meet your changing day trekking demands.

The Flex Hike’s twin adjustable shoulder straps enable a tailored fit for torso sizes ranging from 15″ to 19″.

This multipurpose pack is 1lb, 14oz in weight, and has a front concealed zippered pocket, side waist belt pockets, two mesh side pockets, a tiny stash bag in the lid for valuables, and is hydration reservoir ready.

For $149.95, the Flex Hike daypack will also be available in Spring 2023.

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