Sierra Designs Reveals Partners for Reach Out 2023 Program

Sierra Designs is proud to announce the industry-leading outdoor gear companies that will be part of its 2023 Reach Out program.

With this initiative, Sierra Designs has expanded its focus to support a series of organizations and movements with which they hold similar values in providing opportunities to get outdoors through engaging community programs, guided experiences, and custom gear creations.

The Reach Out partners for 2023 include Women’s Wilderness, LGBT Outdoors, Outdoors For All, and SoulTrak Outdoors.

Alexandra Black-Paulick, Marketing Manager for Sierra Designs, said that the brand was founded with the vision that all people deserve to have good gear for exploring the outdoors, regardless of their background or experience level.

“Our Reach Out program helps us fulfill that mission by partnering with organizations that are increasing access to the outdoors,” she said.

Women’s Wilderness, a nonprofit organization based in Boulder, Colorado, works to assist girls, women, and LGBTQ+ people in gaining access to their power and enhancing their health via relationships with nature and their local community.

LGBT Outdoors, which has chapters in the USA, Canada, and Italy, promotes and enables members of the LGBTQ+ community to go outside and engage with the natural environment while dispelling preconceptions about LGBTQ+ individuals.

Outdoors For All, a leader in providing therapeutic and adaptive recreation for children and people with disabilities, was founded in the Pacific Northwest in 1979.

A nonprofit organization called SoulTrak Outdoors is situated in Washington, D.C., and it links people of color to outdoor areas while also assembling a diverse group of outdoor leaders.

Since the program’s inception in 2020, Sierra Designs has donated nearly $60,000 in both gear and a percentage of web sales to several nonprofits dedicated to improving economic, societal, and education access for underrepresented groups in the outdoors.

In addition to $2,000 in product donations and 1% of web sales per quarter, Sierra Designs pledges to provide education, event support, and a unique awareness campaign for each participating partner.

The brand will use its platform to share each organization’s mission via social media, email newsletters, and media opportunities.

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