Smith Launches Triad Mips Helmet for Thrilling Summer Rides

Smith, renowned for its cutting-edge outdoor gear, has launched its latest innovation: the Triad Mips Helmet.

This sleek and minimalist biking helmet is poised to revolutionize summer escapades for cycling enthusiasts.

The Newest Bike Helmet from Smith

With the anticipation of long miles and off-road adventures mounting, Smith’s unveiling couldn’t be more timely.

Available on their website, the Triad Mips Helmet promises unrivaled protection for cyclists venturing onto roads, gravel paths, or XC trails.

Crafted with super lightweight in-mold construction and internal zonal Koroyd coverage, the Triad helmet ensures energy-absorbing impact protection.

The inclusion of the MIPS Brain Protection System further enhances safety by mitigating rotational forces from angled impacts.

For optimal comfort and fit, Smith integrates its VaporFit system, offering a 270-degree adjustment.

Meanwhile, 19 fixed vents maintain consistent airflow, with the AirEvac ventilation system preventing lens fogging.

Notable features include the Ionic+ antimicrobial lining for sweat-activated odor control and a Y-strap divider for secure, flat helmet straps.

The helmet is available in six inline color options, priced at $190, with an additional Matte Black/Topo design collaboration with Aleck, integrating Aleck CS intelligent impact crash sensor technology, priced at $210.

For cyclists gearing up for summer expeditions, the Smith Triad Mips Helmet stands as the ultimate companion, blending style, comfort, and cutting-edge safety technology.

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