Smith Optics Releases All-New Sunglasses, Goggles

Spring has sprung and that means it’s time to get back out on those trails.

If you’re looking for something new to wear, here’s what you’ll want to check out from Smith Optics.

Smith Optics’ Momentum sunglasses provide precise optics and a completely new degree of clarity for all of your upcoming rides thanks to a half-frame design, replaceable lenses, and color-boosting ChromaPop.

The two-position nose pad and adjustable, core wire temples ensure that they stay in place at any speed, whether you’re flying through the trees or rolling in the open.

You may choose the best hue for the day thanks to interchangeable lenses.

Meanwhile, clear vision can make or break the day, whether it’s racing day or you’re on the party lap train. That’s why Smith also introduced their first mountain biking goggles, the Rhythm Mountain Bike (MTB) Googles.

The roll-off compatible design allows you to continue moving forward at full speed in muddy and rainy conditions.

Likewise, the ChromaPop makes sure every root, rut, and landing comes through loud and clear.

The Momentum sunglasses and Rhythm goggles are now available at

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