State Bicycle Co. Upgrades 4130 Flat Bar All-Road

The State Bicycle Co. has made a massive upgrade to the best-selling 4130 All-Road.

This bike model is designed to handle the roughest terrain you can find and is equipped with the latest technologies to make your cycling experience as amazing as possible.

The all-new Mineral Oil Hydraulic Brakes offer outstanding braking modulation and heat control for lengthy descents.

Even when things become very rough, the chain will remain in position thanks to a redesigned rear derailleur with an internally adjustable clutch.

In addition to the mechanical updates, State is introducing two fresh, eye-catching hues – Rust to Black fade and Turquoise to Black fade.

Likewise, the 4130 All-Road features a rugged 4130 Chromoly steel frame/fork with plenty of cargo mounts.

You can have the choice of wheels (thru axle) of either 700c with slick tires or 650b with knobby tires, along with an 11-speed drive train and disc brakes.

The best-value gravel and touring bike just got that much better. Precisely, the 4130 Flat Bar All-Road is the most capable bike from State Bicycle Co.

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