State Bicycle Launches Carbon All-Road

The constant expansion across a wide range of cycling disciplines is evidence that State Bicycle Co. has always been committed to accessibility and affordability within the world of cycling.

With a plethora of new items joining their already exceptional all-road lineup, State Bicycle is glad to further this trend.

Introducing the State Bicycle Co. Carbon All-Road

For those seeking a versatile ride that can easily handle any terrain, there is no better companion than the State Bicycle Co. Carbon All-Road.

The Carbon All-Road was painstakingly designed via significant research and development to satisfy riders who need lightweight and responsive riding across several sports.

This bike, which the State Bicycle Co. staff has ridden and tested, is lightweight enough to hang on a road ride and sturdy enough for trans-American bike-packing adventures.

Key Features:

The Carbon All-Road’s lowered chainstay gives it nimble performance on difficult gravel terrains.

Due to their adjustability and agility, mudguard and pannier mounts provide you the freedom to ride anywhere, at any time.

The fantastic carbon-fiber gravel bike from State Bicycle Co. provides unmatched performance without breaking the bank.

Starting at (MSRP) $1999.99, be ready to explore uncharted territory and redefine what’s rideable with this rugged and dependable gravel bike.

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