Stio Footwear: Shoes For The Warmer Days Ahead

Stio’s footwear collection boasts comfort, performance, and style for all your summer adventures.

Whether you’re conquering trails, splashing in the waves, or relaxing by the campfire, these shoes will keep you ready for anything.

Built for the Elements: Men’s Cut Bank Shoe

The Men’s Cut Bank Shoe ($99) is a versatile water shoe designed for all-day comfort. Here’s what makes it a great choice:

Adjustable ankle straps ensure a perfect fit, and the elastic instep allows for easy on-and-off when switching to different footwear.

Stio Footwear: Men's Cut Bank Shoe

Relaxed Days: Men’s Bircher Flip

Perfect for a day at the lake or post-hike relaxation, the Men’s Bircher Flip ($49) offers comfort and style:

Stio Footwear Collection: Men's Bircher Flip

Unwinding in Style: Women’s Colter Summer Low

For laid-back summer days, the Women’s Colter Summer Low ($109) elevates your mountain style. Here are some of its highlights:

Women's Colter Summer Low

Polished Comfort: Women’s Bircher Leather Flip

The Women’s Bircher Leather Flip ($69) combines comfort and style for post-adventure relaxation or a night out:

Women's Bircher Leather Flip

Gear up for summer with Stio’s stylish and functional footwear collection! Visit their website or a local retailer to find the perfect pair for your next adventure!

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