Stio Unveils Rivet Pant Collection for Stylish Everyday Wear

Embrace the perfect blend of style and versatility with the latest Rivet Pant Collection by outdoor brand Stio.

Designed for daily adventures, these pants seamlessly transition from the office to the trails, ensuring you’re effortlessly stylish wherever you go.

Rivet Pant Collection: A Guarantee for Daily Comfort and Style

The Rivet Cord, crafted with 16-wale organic cotton and 2% elastane, seamlessly transitions from office to trails, combining style and flexibility.

Featuring a classic five-pocket design, zippered fly, and unmatched corduroy quality, it’s a reliable choice for various occasions.

The Rivet Canvas Pant, made from 100% organic cotton, adds a touch of spandex for stretch and a gusseted inseam, offering an increased range of motion.

Perfect for work or a night out, this classic design exudes sophistication.

The Rivet Jean, blending 99% organic cotton with 1% spandex, delivers stretch denim comfort with an action gusset for enhanced mobility.

Ideal for everyday wear, custom Stio rivets reinforce durability, combining classic and contemporary elements seamlessly.

For those seeking rugged utility, the Rivet Canvas Utility Pant boasts double-layered knees and stretch organic cotton, catering to both town and off-the-grid scenarios.

The Rivet Canvas Short extends the collection’s durability and comfort to the skate park or summer road trip, ensuring style and functionality.

Available for both men and women, explore the entire Rivet Pant Collection at for a perfect fusion of style and everyday practicality.

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