Stio's Eddy Collection: Your Do-It-All Shirt for Summer Adventures

Stio’s Eddy Collection transcends the limitations of a typical outdoor shirt.

It features a versatile range designed to keep you comfortable and protected, no matter your summer pursuit.

Whether you’re hiking, fishing, or strolling city streets, the Eddy Shirt transitions seamlessly.

Technical Innovation Meets Everyday Comfort

Stio’s proprietary Conflux fabric is the foundation of the Eddy Shirt’s exceptional performance.

This innovative blend of nylon and polyester offers unmatched durability and comfort.

The lightweight material wicks away moisture to keep you cool, while the water-resistant finish sheds light rain and keeps you dry.

Mechanical stretch allows for unrestricted movement during any activity, and UPF 50+ sun protection safeguards you from harmful UV rays.

Couple on an adventure

A Style for Every Adventure (and Adventurer)

The Eddy Collection caters to both men and women with a variety of silhouettes that prioritize both function and personal style:

Men’s Eddy Shirt LS

This long-sleeve version of the classic Eddy is a year-round favorite.

It features a comfortable regular fit that allows for layering and modern technical upgrades that ensure peak performance.


Men's Eddy Shirt LS

Men’s Eddy Drift Shirt LS

Designed with the angler in mind, the Eddy Drift Shirt boasts oversized chest pockets specifically sized for fly boxes and rust-proof TPU buttons.

This sure can withstand saltwater environments, and easy-rolling button-tab sleeves for effortless casting and line management.

Stio Men's Eddy Drift Shirt LS

Men’s Eddy Shirt SS

The short-sleeved Eddy is your perfect warm-weather companion as a lightweight pearl-snap shirt.

It provides wind and water resistance while maintaining breathability, making it ideal for hikes, bike rides, or afternoons spent by the lake.

Men's Eddy Shirt SS

Women’s Eddy Shirt LS

Cut specifically for the female form, the women’s Eddy long sleeve shirt offers a relaxed fit that flatters any figure.

Subtle western-inspired detailing adds a touch of style, while the soft, stretchy UPF 50+ fabric ensures both comfort and protection.

Women's Eddy Shirt LS

Embrace Every Summer Moment with the Eddy Collection

Stio’s Eddy Collection goes beyond just technical apparel; it’s an invitation to explore and embrace every summer moment.

Visit Stio’s website today to discover the Eddy Shirt that best suits your next escapade and embark on a summer filled with unforgettable experiences.

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