Stio’s Fernos Collection: Elevating Winter Comfort with Peak Performance Insulation

As temperatures drop, Stio introduces the Fernos Collection, redefining the standards for active insulation this winter.

The headline act, the Fernos Insulated Jacket, boasts a Relance Primeflex shell and PeakFill Active Insulation, a dynamic duo offering superior warmth, breathability, and unrestricted movement.

Introducing the Fernos Collection

Crafted from Relance Primeflex 100% polyester microfiber, the Fernos midlayer delivers enhanced drape and moisture-wicking capabilities compared to traditional polyester fibers.

The game-changer, however, lies in the PeakFill Active proprietary insulation.

Engineered for optimal thermal balance, it ensures enduring athletic comfort across diverse conditions.

The synthetic fiber fill’s spiral filament structure enhances stretch, accelerates recovery, and hastens drying times.

The Fernos Collection extends beyond jackets, featuring the Insulated Vest, Insulated Pants, Insulated Knicker, and Insulated Scarf.

Whether worn individually or as a system, each piece excels in high-output activities, promising unmatched performance.

Embrace the winter with Stio’s Fernos Collection – the epitome of active insulation innovation.

Visit Stio today to explore these exceptional winter essentials.

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