Stio's 'Second Turn' Program Reduces Wastes and Pollution

Stio has introduced an innovation in the outdoor fashion and retail space through its “Second Turn” program.

The outdoor brand believes a circular commerce system will design out waste and pollution, allowing for used clothing to be renewed and reintroduced into the economy,

Stio makes durable clothing, so just because you’re done wearing a jacket doesn’t mean it has to be retired forever. The company can take your gear back, and give it a second turn.

So how does the program work? The first step is to gather up to ten of your gently used Stio items that are fully functional and in overall good condition.

Fill out the trade-in form with your address and item information, and an email containing a prepaid shipping label will be sent to you.

Print your shipping label, package up your items, and drop them off at your nearest FedEx location or Mountain Studio. You can avail of bonus points if you reuse an old Stio box or envelope.

After the company receives and processes your items, a redemption code that can be used at or at any of our Mountain Studio locations will be sent through an e-mail.

For all submissions including in-store drop-offs, please allow 2-4 weeks for the processing of your items and for sending your redemption code.

Make certain that the items you are sending in are in good condition—free of any tears, rips, stains, or broken zippers.

Items that qualify for Trade-In will receive up to 25% of the original retail value.

For more information about the Second Turn program, you may visit

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