Study Reveals Texas As Safest State For Camping Trips in the US

A new study revealed that the state of Texas has the safest camping spots for camping trips in the United States.

The Family Vacation Guide conducted a study that analyzed camping spots across the United States based on factors such as camping ground ratings, crime rates, and animal-related deaths to determine the safest (and most unsafe) camping spots in the country.

Texas is the safest state for a camping trip, with a safety score of 7.82, and it has 10% of America’s highest-rated campgrounds.

In addition to 94 camps with water access and 70 camps with Wi-Fi access, the crime rate is relatively low (17.1 per 100,000 people), given the size of Texas.

It is important to note that Texas has the highest number of fatal animal attacks of any state.

When hiking in the countryside or mountains, it is essential to be vigilant; familiarize yourself and those in your group with government advice on how to deal with animal encounters.

The top three states in America with the safest camping spots are all in the South, with Florida ranking second and Louisiana coming in third.

The research also looked into the least safe camping spots in the US, highlighting New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Nevada as the most unsafe.

 You can view the full study here:

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