SylvanSport WayLight: A Brilliant LED Walking Stick and Camp Torch

Have you ever been caught on trail after sunset without a light to guide your way? Have you tripped while moving through a dark campsite or had trouble finding an item you needed at camp deep into the evening? The SylvanSport WayLight may be the perfect solution to your low-light limitations.

SylvanSport WayLight Dark Hike

Let the SylvanSport WayLight illuminate your way.

The SylvanSport WayLight is a multifunctional LED walking stick and camp torch—it’s an incredibly useful tool for campers and night hikers alike. You can stake it in the ground and switch on its ambient globe light to illuminate a dark campsite. What’s more, you can also turn on the directional light and use it as a nighttime walking stick around the campground or on a dimly lit trail.


Lightweight and durable aluminum construction.

See the SylvanSport WayLight

Unique Features of the SylvanSport WayLight

First and foremost, the dual-light functionality of the SylvanSport WayLight makes it incredibly unique—you’re unlikely to have seen anything like it before. It can be useful in many situations.

WayLight Spotting Fishes

I enjoyed searching for small fish with the WayLight along the river bank.

It’s the ideal campsite companion, and everyone can benefit from it. The WayLight can function as a camp torch, a walking stick, and a campfire skewer! Everyone at the campground is going to want to give it a try. It’s an ideal gift for anyone who loves to camp.

Operation is simple, and discovering new ways to use the different light modes is fun.

The SylvanSport WayLight as a Camp Torch

Stake the WayLight into the ground, click on the ambient globe light, and you’ve got yourself a brilliant camp light. Made from durable yet lightweight aluminum, the WayLight is easy to carry around camp, and it is strong enough to be staked into compacted soil. The bottom tip is nearly three inches long, providing plenty of leverage to hold itself straight, and the sturdy mud basket helps to hold it upright.


Behold the globe!

The lantern globe light emits 35 lumens of soft light—just enough to illuminate a section of your evening campsite without being too bright should you happen to look at it directly. In this mode, the SylvanSport WayLight’s battery will last for 17 hours before needing a recharge. However, it’s conveniently USB rechargeable, so should you have an external battery or another source of electricity at camp, you can keep the WayLight charged for your entire trip.

WayLight Steak

See here: A robust tip for staking and slots for bamboo skewers.

You can also turn on the directional light in unison with the globe light for an even brighter display for activities such as cooking dinner or playing card games under the stars. Additionally, the tip is designed with slots for bamboo skewer sticks so that you can safely roast marshmallows around a campfire. How fun!

WayLight Skewer

Roasted and toasted! Image courtesy of SylvanSport.

The SylvanSport WayLight as a Walking Stick

Whether you need to walk the dog, mosey over to the campground restroom, or enjoy late-night walks, the SylvanSport WayLight is a handy device that’ll help guide your way.

SylvanSport WayLight Hiking

Looking at bugs on a tree — the sky was darker than it looks here.

The directional light puts out 55 lumens of light, similar to what you may have experienced with a quality headlamp. Additionally, the WayLight will be a better choice than headlamps for some because the directional light will always point down at the trail in front of you rather than wherever you turn your head.

SylvanSport Light

The directional light puts out plenty of light for night hikes.

Weighing in at 16 ounces and featuring an adjustable height range of 34 to 52 inches, the entire family can make use of this luminous trekking pole.

The light overall weight means that it is easy to carry for long stretches, and the infinitely adjustable shaft means that both children and adults can comfortably use it. Plus, the handle is made of an ergonomically designed ABS plastic, and the light button is always within your thumb’s reach.

Now through Sunday, September 19th, 2021, you can get the SylvanSport WayLight for 30% OFF.

See the SylvanSport WayLight

WayLight Button

One-click operation.

Who is SylvanSport?

SylvanSport is an innovative outdoor gear and towable trailer brand intent on making the outdoors more accessible for everyone. The WayLight is one tool in the brand’s collection of outstanding outdoor gear products that makes the outdoors more enjoyable and easier to navigate.

SylvanSport Staked

Stake it or take it—the choice is yours!

See the SylvanSport WayLight, and learn more about SylvanSport.

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