Tentree Nimbus Rain Jacket: Sustainable and Stylish All-Weather Protection

Do you live in a climate zone where the weather can change from one minute to the next? Perhaps you’re often socked in with rain during a solid portion of the year, or maybe you prefer to trek out to mountain and waterfall trails where precipitation is a part of the charm.

Any way you have it, a rain jacket is an essential piece of outdoor kit. Everyone should have one. The tentree Nimbus Rain Jacket is made for everything from drizzly morning coffee runs to rainy day hikes and every adventure in between. It’ll keep you dry on even the wettest days.

tentree water protection

Water beads up and rolls right off the tentree Nimbus Rain Jacket.

What’s more, the tentree Nimbus Rain Jacket is even better than carbon neutral—each jacket purchased actually offsets over 3000kg of carbon dioxide. That makes the Nimbus Rain Jacket a purchase that both your brain and heart will love. Keep reading to find out more.

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Unique Features of the tentree Nimbus Rain Jacket

So, is the tentree Nimbus Rain Jacket a reliable and effective piece of rain gear?

Short answer: Yes.

tentree Nimbus

An excellent go-to for dreary day hikes.

Long answer: Yes, because it is fully waterproof to a rating of 10000mm, which means that neither light mist, heavy raindrops, nor wind-blown storm surges will penetrate the REPREVE recycled polyester fabric. The PFC-free DWR coating ensures that you’ll stay dry under this jacket’s multiple layers of protection.

tentree Nimbus

Clouds out? Hood up! Zip up!

Plus, the seams have been fully taped, and the VISLON AquaGuard CF main zipper is as watertight as they come. Additionally, the two exterior hand pockets and the single chest pocket have been fitted with high-quality NATULON zippers that are protected by storm flaps as an additional layer of weather protection. Likewise, the lone interior zippered pocket is also protected by the simple fact that it is located on the inside of the jacket.

tentree Nimbus jacket

The tentree Nimbus Rain Jacket covers everything you want it to cover.

On top of all of that, the tentree Nimbus Rain Jacket fits well, too. That’s an often-overlooked factor in rain gear, but it’s vitally important when considering rain and weather protection.

The adjustable hood’s visor keeps the falling rain — and the occasional beam of sunlight — out of your eyes, while the dual drawcords enable you to lock that hood down tight when it gets windy. The Nimbus’ neck protection rises high enough to cover your chin when fully zippered. And lastly, the semi-elastic cuffs create a snug hold to prevent wind-blown rain from making its way to your elbows. There’s nowhere for precipitation to penetrate.

Sustainability Beyond the Competition

The heart of tentree’s mission is within its name: for every product sold, including every Nimbus Rain Jacket, tentree plants ten trees. Over the course of 25 years, those trees will offset 3048kg of CO2. This effectively makes it so that every purchase from tentree positively impacts the environment.

tentree nimbus package

The Nimbus Rain Jacket even ships to your door in as little packaging as possible.

Beyond that, the jacket itself comprises a 100% recycled polyester shell, a 100% recycled polyester lining, and a 75% recycled polyester membrane. Each Nimbus Rain Jacket is made from about two dozen recycled water bottles, removing them from landfills and turning them into something useful.

See the tentree Nimbus Rain Jacket

Who is tentree?

Tentree produces comfortable, high-performance, sustainable products with the aim of doing better for the planet. The company has planted over 71 million trees since its inception, and that number continues to climb with every purchase made.

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See the tentree Nimbus Rain Jacket, and learn more about tentree.

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