Prepare For Glare: The Best Sunglasses Of 2024

Summer is officially here and if you’re like us, you’ve got a whole lot of adventure in the works for the next few months. A piece of gear that is crucial to having fun in the sun all summer long is sunglasses, and we’ve rounded up our favorites in this handy dandy guide. Prepare for the glare! Whether you’re enjoying the great outdoors on trail, on water, or on the snow that manages to stick around all year round, we’ve got you covered with our picks for the best sunglasses of 2024.

Check out our favorite sunglasses of the year below!

Suncloud Milestone Polarized Sunglasses

wearing sunglasses while fly fishing

These are great sunglasses for water-lovers on a budget!

The Suncloud Milestone Polarized Sunglasses are wallet-friendly shades that are injection-molded for durability and have polycarbonate lenses that resist impacts. They’re also lightweight and stylish. When it comes to bang-for-your-buck sunglasses, these are extremely hard to beat.

They’re available in a handful of frame colors, with an array of lens options to choose from. This is a thoughtful nod to adventure by Suncloud, as different lens options mean you can get the perfect sunglasses for whatever your favorite outdoor activity might be!

See the Suncloud Milestone Polarized Sunglasses

See the Suncloud Milestone Polarized Sunglasses On Amazon

Revo Pacific Sunglasses

revo sunglasses being modeled

Revo is known for phenomenal performance.

Revo’s Pacific Sunglasses are premium and much loved! If you’re looking for excellent glare protection in an ultralight frame, these are for you. The advanced Revo Light Management System™ enhances clarity, while polarization blocks 100% of harmful UV rays. Our gear testers rave about these sunglasses and are general fans of Revo due the the quality of their shades. They’re meant to last a lifetime if cared for properly and the styles they come in truly are timeless.

See the Revo Pacific Sunglasses

See the Revo Pacific Sunglasses On Amazon

Tifosi Aethon Sunglasses

a simple frame for sports

Reliable quality and great for any outdoor pursuit, these sunglasses are home when they’re on adventures!

In the market for new sunglasses to shred in? We thought that might be the case! Tifosi’s Aethon Sunglasses are just the thing to keep your eyes protected on epic mountain bike rides, gravel rides and whatever other cycling pursuits you have planned. A standout feature of these sunglasses are the nearly shatterproof polycarbonate lenses which are 20 times more impact-resistant than glass and one-third the weight! If you’ve taken a header, you know how important that is. If you’ve never taken a header, congrats!

These sunglasses are also available in a clear lens option for those who need very solid eye protection without needing to shade out the sunshine.

See the Tifosi Aethon Sunglasses

See the Tifosi Aethon Sunglasses On Amazon

Bajio Rocas Sunglasses

bajio sunglasses on the water

Bajio is known for being one of the most comfortable sunglass brands on the market.

The world of premium sunglasses is vast! And here at backpackers, we’ve all got our favorite brands. Mine is Bajio, and their Rocas sunglasses are one of the most versatile models they make. They are perfect for water-centric adventures and great for alpine adventures. They’re made of tough, bio-based nylon and have a great oversized frame. This helps to protect your eyes with complete coverage. The vented side shields, reduce glare and overall light intrusion without fogging up.

These are available in any lens color you desire, basically, making them a very customizable option for your outings.

See the Bajio Rocas Sunglasses

See the Bajio Rocas Sunglasses On Amazon

Knockaround Fast Lanes Sports Sunglasses

knockaround sunglasses on a clear afternoon

These affordable sunglasses are aptly named! Perfectly suited for knocking around both town and the trails!

If you are looking for sunglasses that are well suited for casual days around home, while also being great for hikes and bike rides, check out the Fast Lanes from Knockaround! This pair of sunglasses wont break the bank, but they also don’t skimp on quality. They have a UV400 rating, which means these sunglasses block 99–100% of UV rays!

See the Knockaround Fast Lanes Sports Sunglasses

See the Knockaround Fast Lanes Sports Sunglasses On Amazon

Ombraz Classic Armless Sunglasses

ombraz sunglasses on a bike ride

Armless sunglasses?! They are shockingly rad on all kinds of adventures.

Ombraz are a unique type of sunglasses, because they do not have arms! Instead, they feature a slim but durable strap that comfortably tightens around your head. Whether you’re moving on your feet, on a bike, in the water, or on the road there is a good chance you would find this style of sunglasses extremely useful! They pair really well with hats, helmets & headsets.

Our gear tester Jon wore Ombraz Classic Sunglasses on a river trip down the Green River in Utah and swears by them as the most practical sunglasses on the market for adventurers. They are premium sunglasses that have a lifetime warranty and for every pair sold, 20 mangrove trees are planted!

See the Ombraz Classic Armless Sunglasses

goodr Great Smokey Mountains Polarized Sunglasses

Great smokey mountain themed sunglasses

Nice quality, super affordable and super cute!

Everyone needs a couple pairs of sunglasses you can wear literally anywhere and are okay with breaking or losing! Because accidents happen and sunglasses are so easy to misplace! That is why we adore goodr sunglasses. They are as inexpensive as sunglasses get, but are super cute and come in any and every color under the sun! They feature glare-reducing, polarized lenses that offer UV400 protection that blocks 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. goodr supports the National Park Foundation with every pair sold.

See the goodr Great Smokey Mountains Polarized Sunglasses

Smith Lockdown 2.0 Core Sunglasses

three people wearing smith sunglasses

Smith is a well-respected name in adventure sunglasses because of their premium performance shades!

If you love to play outside and have ever shopped for sunglasses for your adventures, odds are that you’ve heard of Smith. This is for good reason. They make premium performance sunglasses in a huge array of styles and lens types that are built to last. Most of our gear testers have at least one pair of Smith sunglasses and the Lockdown 2.0 Core Sunglasses are a big favorite! They are do it all shades with lightweight frames made from postconsumer plastic water bottles.

The Lockdown 2.0 Core Sunglasses are available in a wide array of frame colors, lens colors and widths so you can get the absolute perfect pair for your outdoor pursuits.

See the Smith Lockdown 2.0 Core Sunglasses

See the Smith Lockdown 2.0 Core Sunglasses On Amazon

Sunski Avila Polarized Sunglasses

sunglasses on a white background

Modern style designed to take from town to adventure!

Sunski’s Avila Polarized Sunglasses are the all-time favorite sunglasses of one of the gear reviewers here at Backpackers! And in recent years, Sunski has become popular for being a high quality sunglasses company that is also quite affordable. The Avila Polarized Sunglasses are great because they have a lot of style that can be taken from the streets to the wilderness without missing a beat. They are super lightweight and made from recycled materials. The lenses offer 100% full-spectrum UV protection, including UVA, UVB and UV400 wavelengths.

See the Sunski Avila Polarized Sunglasses

See the Sunski Avila Polarized Sunglasses On Amazon

Julbo Vermont Classic Glacier Sunglasses

vermont classic sunglasses outside

Julbo Vermont Classic Glacier Sunglasses truly are king of the mountain!

Absolutely no adventure sunglasses round up would be complete without Julbo’s Vermont Classic Glacier Sunglasses. Mic drop. If you have alpine adventures in store, these are the go-to premium shades that block out high alpine glare from every angle. They have a custom fit due to the flexibility of the arms, and Spectron 4 polycarbonate lenses block 100% of UV rays and 95% of visible light creating a clear image! If you plan to sport sunglasses on glaciers, on alpine snow or during winter on the slopes you can bet Julbo’s Vermont Classics will become an essential part of your kit!

See the Julbo Vermont Classic Glacier Sunglasses

See the Julbo Vermont Classic Glacier Sunglasses On Amazon

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